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Skeleton King Pusher/Carry

November 6, 2012 by Lord Magmar
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Pusher/Carry build

DotA2 Hero: Wraith King

Hero Skills

Wraithfire Blast

1 3 5 7

Vampiric Spirit

9 10 12 14

Mortal Strike

2 4 8 13


6 11 16


15 17 18

Skeleton King Pusher/Carry

Lord Magmar
November 6, 2012


This is a guide to Skeleton King based on experience playing him and my preferred build order. It's by no means exactly what you should do when playing him but I think it works very well and if you'd like to try it you can. The general gist of the guide itself is to make the skeleton king a powerful one-man pushing team and still be useful against enemy heroes.


As you've probably noticed instead of taking stats at level 2 and 4 I've taken crit. This is because whilst crit isn't very powerful early game for obvious reasons it's still a lot of damage at that time if you crit a hero and can make last hitting easier if you time it right. I max hellfire blast because the damage increases is fairly good and it's your only nuke. After hellfire is maxed the rest is just a suggestion not a guideline, it's better to see what the games going like and then decide whether you need vampiric or crit, I would suggest getting at least one level in vampiric at 8 though just to increase your pushing power. Whilst getting reincarnation whenever you can is a very good idea if it's on cooldown you can get a different skill if you feel like you need too.


The 2 starting clarities are so you can use hellfire blast too harrass the enemy early game if need be, and also ensure you get your reincarnation early on. If your running low on health or mana don't be afraid to buy more regen but generally running back to base and tp'ing in is preferable. Finish the wand first so as to free up space, then work on basilius and turn it off as soon as you get it, only turn it on when pushing the tower. Next is the power treads which should be kept strength most of the time. Next up build the armlet because on skeleton king it's amazing, turn it on when pushing towers or going for hero kills. Finally to cement your pushing get turn your basilius into a vladmir, don't do this too early though as vladmir can't be turned off.

The late game luxury is generally up to you however a battlefury is great for farming and pushing the lane even stronger than you do with the vlad+vampiric, Abyssal is good if you need another stun and makes you a lot better at hero killing, Daedelus similarily makes a good hero killing item and gives survivability due to your life-steal, Desolator is another good hero killing/survivability item due to the armour removal and bkb is good if you're taking a lot of magic hits/stuns and want to do something about them.

Whilst I wouldn't recommend getting a divine rapier if you do want one make sure you have a refresher orb and if possible an aegis for maximum resurections thus stopping you from dropping the divine rapier.

Situational is based on fighting certain heroes or situations, gem of true-sight is obviously for fighting stealth heroes, i.e. Bounty Hunter and Riki. Monkey King Bar should only be bought if the enemy team has 2 or more miss/evasion mechanics as those damage your survivability due not life-stealing missed/dodged attacks. Satanic is if you want to take your ridiculous lifesteal up to ludicrous, works well with a bkb and activating both at half-life to heal back up to full pretty quickly. Finally Heart of Tarrasque is great late-game if you want to take on towers solo or to be more tanky in general. Force Staff is good for chasing/escaping and gives you extra mana/regen, but I wouldn't suggest getting it unless you're having trouble catching up to your enemy.

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