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Skeleton King - Immortality Build

October 6, 2013 by BASA210
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Immortality Build

DotA2 Hero: Wraith King

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Mid to Late Game

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Skeleton King - Immortality Build

October 6, 2013

Chapter 1: Introduction


I have seen many guides about Skeleton King (or maybe not too many because I haven't seen one like what I am going to write). They all feature mostly the same item and skill builds. I will show you today a different kind of build. This is a more active and aggressive build for Skeleton King.

I hope you will like it.

Chapter 2: Early Game

Early Game

You start off with the basic items, 1 Tango, 1 Ring of Regen (For Soul Ring), 2 Clarity. You need to quickly get the Soul Ring. Soul Ring is very important because it gives you both mana and hp regen and an auto-mana for stun or reincarnation. The armlet and threads are a no-brainer. Remember if you're near death and you need the mana for your ulti, use the Soul Ring and let yourself die.

As for skills, max out the standard Hellfire Blast at 1, 3, 5, 7. You need next is Mortal Strike. Mortal Strike is an active ability that when used drains the Max Hp of the target by 20% and giving it to you. This means that their health pool will be lower being susceptible to your DoT from Hellfire Blast and to your attacks (a combo of these two skills usually ends up with a kill with squishy opponents or damaged tougher ones). Take note however that you need to kill the opponent in 7 seconds because that is the time that they get their HP back. Some people might discourage the use of Vampiric Aura because it might push your lane faster but you will need the HP gain from your attacks to recoup the life loss from the Soul Ring.

Your primary role will be a stunner and ganker. Roam the jungle with a fellow stunner or hitter to help you finish the job.

Chapter 3: Mid to Late Game

Mid to Late Game

Once you have your Armlet, Soul Ring, Power Threads, you will be a force to reckon with. The next item of choice is the Refresher Orb. This item defines this skill build for it will be the single most annoying thing for your opponent... to deal with you 3 times.

Get the Oblivion Staff first because it gives slight attack speed bonus and much needed mana regen. Once the Orb is done and you have 3 lives, the opposing team will scratch their heads as to who will they target first, you or your team mates.

The last items that you need are a Divine Rapier (you won't lose it, LOL!), then Assault Cuirass (for Attack Speed), and a Heart (for more tankiness). Usually, the game ends before I finish making a Divine Rapier. Hehe.

That's all thank you very much!

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