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Skadi Snipa

June 6, 2014 by HalFiendElf
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


2 4 5 7


3 12 13 14

Take Aim

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Skadi Snipa

June 6, 2014

Intro to this guide

Im not some 6k mmr pro, but this build is pretty good going lategame. I really like how with phase manta skadi you can pretty much solo kill most carries in the game. I apologize for not having a safelane build yet.

when to pick

when there is someone who can initiate onto you or close the gap really well (like storm or puck)
when there is a melee carry really dependent on magic immunity (like naix or wraith king or ursa)
when there is too much burst dps
when you feel like doing something new and interesting

Pros / Cons

tanky (survive initiation)
strong lategame dps
really good for kiting
wrecks most bkb carries
sniper only really needs phase and lvl 6 to do some roaming from mid
the slow from shrapnel and skadi together is insane (never skip it!)

comes online later than glass cannon builds
Skadi is a pain to build
You still can lose to lategame carries like void

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