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September 1, 2022 by gumby12
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DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Electromagnetic Repulsion (Innate)

Thunder Strike

1 3 5


8 9 10

Kinetic Field

2 4 7

Static Storm

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18


September 1, 2022

item build

most of the spawn items are a no brainer but some would question the magic stick, trust me it is worth having, even 3 charges early can make a difference between bloodlust, or escaping on either team.


having tranquil boots is great on disruptor, because he can run away with next to no HP and in about 15 seconds turn and help his team again, the movement speed is so important for a hero like disruptor, he needs to get in quickly, and be able to turn on a dime in order to support with all his AOE.
urn is good on him the mana regeneration is huge for him and its utility helps you shine as a support.
my midgame items, tend to be these in the order presented, the order can be reversed, depending on team comp, you may need force staff first , but if you have even one other magic damage type hero on your team i would highly recommend the glorious veil of discord first(probobly my favorite item on him). veil of discord has a wealth of good stats for disruptor, and ultimately just ruins anyone hit by Static Storm afterwards. Veil--->Kinetic Field--->Static Storm--->Thunderstrike and Urn any living escapies.

(reminder) PRIORITY #1---BUY WARDS!!

Moving into late game items
Octarine Core is a beautiful item on disruptor(if you have the money) but can very easily be substituted for bloodstone, either works well. pocket suicide is so nice however you may never die with Octarine Core.
Pipe of Insight is a great item for your team even if it, is never activated but the active makes big AOE ulimates like and enemy Tidehunter, Earthshaker, or Kunnka (for instance) not nearly as worrysome when used.

moving to the situational substitutes
-Bloodstone we already talked about,
-Guardian Greaves, awesome item, and can be substituted for tranquils, however i personally find the +90 speed on traquils to be of too much use to part with, but that is my opinion.
-Blade Mail is in the situation that you are being relentlessly hounded by a carry, with a blink or invisibility or something else etremely annoying,just stop building what your building and build Blade Mail and they'll leave you least until it wears off, but that should be plenty of time for you to cast everything you have.
-Euls Scepter of Divinity is an item i would choose instead of veil if we are lacking control/disables as a team, works seemlessly with disruptor's other abilites.
-Solar Crest is an item that i would choose in response to a heavily physical/auto-attack based, enemy team, instead of Pipe of Insight.

(second reminder) PRIORITY #1---BUY WARDS!!

general build tips

This build is for when you are the only support, wards are always a #1 priority, never let there be more than 1 left in stock with this build.
it is best to lane with a carry or tank with early AOE capabilities (i.e. axe, slardar, alchemist, ect.). thunderstrike is DEVESTATING on anyone who isnt considered durable, in the early laning phase, and can be used to secure the first rune of the game. cast sparingly, and only when your lane partner is ready to attack, as long as you land Kinetic Field, hit the opposing hero with Thunderstrike and your lane partner should be able to finish most people off quickly. also dont be afraid to attempt a mid gank with disruptor it can really turn mid for a struggling teammate and few opponents expect a disruptor to come gank mid in laning phase. As a support try to avoid last hitting heroes, for sake of your hard carry(ies), Kinetic Field--->Static Storm--->Thunderstrike in team fights.

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