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Simple stuff to roam, ruin lives and get their tail /supportganker pushing the lanes

May 18, 2013 by Koala06
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Build 1
Build 2

Roam,ruin, tail, haffun /pure 75% success rate/

DotA2 Hero: Sand King

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Sand Storm

2 4 8 12

Caustic Finale

9 13 15 17


6 11 16


10 14 18

Simple stuff to roam, ruin lives and get their tail /supportganker pushing the lanes

May 18, 2013

For information based on whom we are gonna love in .Ancients as the ultimate takedown hero, see

This is a build of a 74% success rate late SK owner/gamer and I put this up to show, how only ultis not considering bkb can make things go in a losing direction, still you can stand up for your thirst of win not forgetting about your teammates especially when lacking more than one support.
You can solo a lane against riki+anti-mage nightmare still good at late jungle or safe pushing all the lanes very quickly only at the cost of 1 teleport on the first lane you push (better the long lane first) and roam back quickly on mid right after losing the cooldown on epicentre and BANG! You already have enough mana supply from your fast boots (moving at 365) still able to gank the whole other carry-group together with the magicians with an easy blink-epic-burrow-quicksandstorm and leave with blink again! Isn't it sounding ridicoulus? Haven't you met me yet? Sure SK is weak against those shadowblade-silence-carries as drow and sniper, the rest of the team shall handle them.
Do not think, that you need no damage with the king, a blackkingbar is far more essential than sceptre, should we face a faceless lifestealer combo.

Chapter Title

I'm used to html tags though not the ones here go around, so contact me if the starting gauntlet-gauntlet-clarity(2-3x)-circlet(-tango) does not sound too good for staying long enough on the lane, but until they both stun or have a tri-lane you only need to focus on leveling not really the lasthit-stuff. If you have riki and such babies, you level for sand-storm 3 asap and laugh at them till YOU take wards before they would, then burrow-ulti them till their Ancient and storm again.
As you already have enough mana for your first burrow-epic from sand (at lvl6 you have burrow 3 (or 2 if sand storm fun), this means you need 130+50 (or the other way) +175 thus 355! Don't forget about this if you take no circlet but tangos, cause you will only have about that much mana. (Or you just go for attributes on the first 1-2 levels of course..) You shall rush for unrheal-manaboots-blink way to the bunch of happenings, getting each with a multikill and pushing two lanes after that, so easy thing for a king. Do you still need something? Get your sceptre to fight better, gain yourself a king bar from Jamaica, use a heart of tarrasque if lifestealer thinks he can rape you right in the epicentre, buy a force staff at 20-4 and wards, all kinds of wards and dusts cause they are the ones that make everything funny.
Never try to escape from a big groupie, you wait till the others come close and simply hit R to hit the soil with your tail, blink behind all of them, burrow through your way homawards, hit two of them once, go in sand and check what happens: 2 of them getting instantly shaked to pieces, the rest trying to run away, (shiva your way to solovictory,) your mates hunting them down with braveness and you? You BLINK after all of them, you deserve the XP and still can burrow the home-rushing bristlebacks , turtlebags and they just EXPLODE.
All of you who dare to accept my guidance on my favourite DoTA2 character, all of you! Be blessed!

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