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Simple Meepo Guide

November 17, 2014 by antihope4peace
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Carry Meepo

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

Carry easy lane

Poor Man's Shield
Power Treads
Aghanim's Scepter
Blink Dagger
Scythe of Vyse
Eye of Skadi
Boots of Travel
Eye of Skadi

Items u might consider ( situational )

Ring of Basilius
Manta Style
Heart of Tarrasque
Ethereal Blade
Ultimate Orb
Vladmir's Offering
Orb of Venom
Assault Cuirass
Pipe of Insight
Diffusal Blade

Best Runes for meepo

Rune of Double Damage
Rune of Invisibility

Don't get these crap.

Hand of Midas
Orchid Malevolence
Sange and Yasha
Shadow Blade
Black King Bar
Armlet of Mordiggian
Phase Boots
Tranquil Boots
Veil of Discord
Divine Rapier

Hero Skills


2 8 12 14


1 5 6 7


4 9 11 13

Divided We Stand

3 10 17


15 16 18

Simple Meepo Guide

November 17, 2014


Hi guys this is my first guide and I'm gonna tell u how to meePWn.

Time is money so let's not waste more of it.

Pick Meepo when :
U want to rat.
U want to get commends.
U want to get ultra kill and rampage
U want to annoy the **** out of people.
Ur team don't have a mid game carry

Don't pick Meepo when :
Theres AOE ****ers like lich , ES. Ember spirit
When there's single target killers like Slardar.
Massive silence like DP or drow
Your team have 4 carries and you are prepared to poof away their farm .
U want to act like Devilish !

How to play Meepo?

A very quick and simple guide made by me! ( very noob-friendly)

Follow the purchase order and u win.
Send 1 Meepo with stout shield to stack hard camp or farm easy camp. When u reach lvl 3.
Gank when u chance upon runes like DD or invis.
Ask your mid to do ganks and farm till your aghanim. ( 13- 17 min is good)
Once aghanim is done , hunt the jungle for supports and paper carries e.g sniper
You may use the rest of your meepos to jungle while the main one roams.
Get blink.
( beginner) blink to enemy, net and poof the rest of the Meepo to main meepo.
( master ) blink - poof combo see YouTube


Hex is the next big item after your aghanim. Complete lock down for heroes like Pa / Slark / AM as removes every passive.

Stacking Skadi is good. 3 Skadi give each Meepo like 190 damage +

Don't get items that's not inside the build situational items.

Rainy of Basillius -> +6 damage and mana aura early game ? Profit.
Bottle -> rune control ( early game ganks ) / heal other
Heart -> remember that time u got killed by PA with 2 cries? Yea I did.
Ethereal Blade -> because poof damage and **** right clicks.
Ultimate Orb -> +10 all stats? Why not.
Vlads -> early game rosh
Mek -> get this when your team is far behind like 5:18
Orb of venom -> slow early game , can be upgraded to Skadi later
AC -> attack speed for all meepos and allies? Get this when you are not the main carry.
Bloodstone -> that **** still works? Get 25 charges and leave your main Meepo in base . Use 4 Meepo clones to kill. Insta respawn.
Pipe -> get this when your support is **** and are underfarmed. And when u are facing **** load of magic.
Manta -> **** the enemy's mind? Of course. But in my opinion ethereal is better .
Diffusal -> omniknight + Pa combo ? **** the repel.

Friends and Foes.

Friends :
Skywrath Mage -> amplify magic damage and net + sky wrath ultimate combo?
Silencer -> best hero to **** tide and ES and lich whose In the enemy team
ES -> mass aoe


Ending !

That's my Meepo quick guide! Thanks for reading and bye!
W33 , n0tail and Devilish . Meepo masters aha

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