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Simple Disruptor Guide (aka how to not be a scrublord)

July 7, 2012 by Conspiracy0
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

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Thunder Strike

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Kinetic Field

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Static Storm

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Simple Disruptor Guide (aka how to not be a scrublord)

July 7, 2012

Okay here's what you really need to know:

Let me cut the usual ******** and say this is a very simple class to play. There is no 15 page guide necessary to learn to play disruptor well. Just follow these basic instructions, and you'll go places.

Disruptor is the essential team player. He is one of the most useful teamfighters out there, with loads of skills to assist in teamfights. Your name is disruptor for a ******* reason, so play a support/harassing role.


Get your mana regen up as high as you can. You have a large mana pool, so by the middle of acquring refresher orb, you should be at a ridiciously high regen rate. You can harass to your hearts content, and never lose much mana.

Clarity is essential at start until you get regen up though. Arcane boots are highly recommended as well.

Once you get refresher orb, you can successfully gank people with or without assistance. Pop a KF, then hit your thunder strike, ulti, then glimpse, and rinse and repeat.

You can buy whatever else you want either depending on how you want to play end-game, though stacking regen is arguably more valuable than anything else.


Disruptor's skillset is amazing. All of his skills are active, and have a unique niche in each fight.

Thunder Strike is Disruptor's bread and butter move. Use it ALL THE TIME. It is an incredibly versatile skill, and can like all of Disruptor's skills, can be combined together.
Use it to harass enemies, and deal DPS during teamfights, when chasing, or when an enemy is trapped by Kinetic Field.

Glimpse is a move useful for fleeing, or chasing. Use it to bring an enemy back, or away from you or your teammates.

Kinetic Field is Disruptor's signature move. use kinetic field to trap enemies in, preventing them from chasing or fleeing. Beware though, it has a 1.2 sec delay, so be sure to activate it in front of moving enemies, rather than directly on them. When enemies are kinetic fielded, GO ALL IN IN TEAMFIGHTS. Your allies should go in to gank, and you should spam Thunder Strike and pop your ulti.

Finally, Static Storm.

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT USING THIS WITHOUT POPPING A KINETIC FIELD FIRST. It has a delay, and if you don't pop a kinetic, enemies will just run away. It's not the most POWERFUL ultimate ever, but combined with your other abilities, it's golden.


Don't feed.

EDIT: Aganhims's Scepter removed until it upgrades more.

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