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Simple&Short Guide: Laning Enchantress

December 11, 2012 by lux0r
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DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills


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Nature's Attendants

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Simple&Short Guide: Laning Enchantress

December 11, 2012


-Mid isn't recommended for Enchantress, let the ranged hard carry or ganker take mid
-Heal friendly heroes
-Harass or kill enemies with Impetus at lvl 6
-Keep your lane mate or carry alive
-Lane with carry
-Lane with support if you are a hard carry Enchantress (:
-Make the enemy team's life hell
-Always have a TP scroll on you so you can be EVERYWHERE (Optional)


Untouchable (Q):
-Slows a hero's attack speed when you are attacked
-Helps you survive and farm in early to mid game
-Helps you gain bigger edge when fighting against another hero

Enchant (W):
-Active targeted ability
-Slow heroes and makes creeps friendly
-Helps you or teammate catch up with heroes easily

Nature's Attendants (E):
-Active skill
-Heals you and teammates next to you
-Range of healing is low, and healing won't do much to others for the first few levels
-Extremely useful in the early to mid game

Impetus (R):
-Active targeted ability
-Can autocast but not recommended
-Very powerful in mid game, you can harass and kill easily with this and Enchant.
-Damage increases as range between you and enemy increases


All you'll really need are the items in pink, unless you're handling a hard situation.

Magic Wand:
-Good for every support
-Recovers mana and health
-Keeps you alive in fights

Power Treads:
-Useful for the full game
-Recommended - strengths because you're squishy
-Not recommended - agility
-Situational - intelligence for regen in early game
-Makes you faster, bro

Urn of Shadows:
-Heals you and others when Nature's Attendants is on cooldown/you have no mana
-Extra strength because Enchantress is squishy
-Ganking with this = more charges = more heals = happy team

Aghanims Scepter:
-Extra range = more damage.
-Extra stats = faster attack speed, more armor, more health, more mana, more regen.

-Offers survivability in the late game
-Bloodstone + Untouchable = ENTANKRESS
-If they focus you and you die in a team-fight, the allies around you will be healed
-You are a mana ***** in the late game so you will need the extra mana
-Extra regen is always good

Force Staff:
-You can bait with this
-You can force your enemies into battle
-You can force your teammates out of battle
-Use the force

Black King Bar:
-Recommended if there are a lot of magic oriented burst damage heroes on the other team
-Avoiding disables when baiting

Mask of Madness:
-Recommended for DPS Enchantress
-High attack speed + Impetus = MURDER
-Rad pushing
-Lifesteal isn't so great but it's nice

Scythe of Vice:
-Recommended for hard carry hunting
-Great for ganking, team fighting, everything fighting
-For use on burst damage enemies

Shadow Blade:
-Shadow walk is cool too
-Ult spamming
-If with team, just get Shadow Amulet

-Attack is pointless since you have Impetus

Friends, Foes, and McDonalds

-Magic immunity
-AoE spell resistance skills

-Magic immunity
-Hardcore spell harassers
-Fast attack speed
-Blink/TP heroes
-Burst damage

-High armor because Impetus = pure damage
-Early game pushers
-Ranged squishies
-Slow heroes
-Anti-mage in the early game
-Anti-mage in the early game
-Anti-mage in the early game

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