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Short Guide to Hard Support Abaddon

September 8, 2014 by Adversityblows
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Hard Support

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Font of Avernus (Innate)

Mist Coil

3 4 5 7

Aphotic Shield

1 8 9 10

Curse of Avernus

2 12 13 14

Borrowed Time

6 11


15 16 17 18

Short Guide to Hard Support Abaddon

September 8, 2014

Why Abaddon is one of the best support?

He could heal someone by 250hp every 5 seconds top that of with an apothic shield that blocks some spells while absorbing 200 damage. 450hp protection from damage every 6 seconds? Wait! We haven't took into account the healing done by Mekansm or the extra regeneration he can provide. He is also durable unlike other supports like Lion or Warlock who tend to die off as they are ganked by 5 enemies. You can basically survive from a lot of punishment thanks to Borrowed Time (7 seconds with Agahnim with a cooldown of only 40 seconds!)

He is as good if not a better healer than Omniknight. Keep your teammates alive as only teamwork will win battles. Its better to win together than to have one person who is fat raping everybody. Your teammates different combined skills can be very useful so keep them alive in battles so that they can use it. One person who is fat doing all the killing with minimal skill set will find it difficulty to face a team fight if the weaker allies die first so support them to keep them alive, not everyone has the benefit of being durable.


Abaddon should always be a hard support (a late support that is very durable unlike Lion or Shadow Shaman) as his carrying potential is not as good as true carry heroes like Void, Riki and etc. He lacks the disabling abilities like a stun, silence or etc of a carry and have quite poor initiating/chasing potential as compared to Void or Riki since he has to be in melee range to slow (only for a short period) them with Curse of Avernus. His damage is pretty mediocre unless he farms like crazy, bringing me to my point where others should have the farm.

He has a great healing/protecting capability on par or even surpassing Warlock or Necrolyte's healing ability. Your job is to let your allies do most of the hitting and stick to them, protecting them with your most valuable skill Mist Coil and Apothic Shield. If you build up his mana pool and base as a support then your teammates will live to fight. As a carry, you might be too busy casting skills on yourself (to disable enemy attacks) fighting that you neglect your allies. Its better to fight with everyone alive rather than trying to rape everyone yourself.

Skill Build

Healing is what keeps an ally alive so I prioritize that first by maxing it out. Aphotic Shield is slightly inferior to healing in saving people and should be cast after Mist Coil (if not on cool down). Whatever your school of thought is, the important thing is to max Mist Coil and Aphotic Shield first before maxing out Curse of Avernus in later levels. Curse of Avernus is kept to one at early levels to provide slow, movespeed and attackspeed but saving people should be your priority.

Item Build

You should always ward around when necessary. Before the first wave spawns, ward both sides (bottom and top) so that both lanes know about enemy whereabouts or runes. Keep at it with the ward and also buy a courier during the early game if you don't have one.

Purchase a boots and tango with the early 625 gold. Rush Arcane boots first before 8 to 10 minutes. After that, start getting town portal scrolls in every situation to fast travel to different lanes aiding allies (in terms of healing) as they need help. Start allowing more farms for your carries and slowly build a mekansm and engage in team fights. After Mekansm, get a Agahnim Scepter and you will be at your peak form.

Beyond that I suggest a few items depending on your situational needs:
-Eul's Scepter - Cyclone an enemy on sight so that other teammates can get to the enemy or to disable the enemy. This item also gives additional movespeed like Sange and Yasha except that this helps enhance mana regeneration and is much cheaper.
-Heaven's Halberd - The best part other than slowing is to disarm a hard carries like Phantom Assassin.
-Heart of Tarrasque - Improves durability.
-Drum of Endurance - Improves movespeed of allies but I hardly use this as I think there are other more viable options like the above.


You should always keep people alive and tank if you have to like during team fights or baiting. Your sequence of casting should be somewhat like this during teamfights. Priority is on Mist Coil first.

Mist Coil -> Mekansm, if not on cooldown (only if he is really low on hp and getting a lot of damage at once, you'll know when to do it with practice) -> Aphotic Shield

Use borrowed time early instead of waiting for it to activate itself. An example, if you are being ganked by a stunner, wait for that enemy to cast his/her projectile of stun and then as the projectile draws near towards you, activate it then other carries would start hitting you and by the time they do that they will stop or continue (if they are idiots) allowing you a free run or heal respectively. There are a million ways to do this, all you need is practice.

Borrowed time can also be used to heal yourself when at the enemy fountain and you can fountain dive in for approximately 7 seconds with Agahnim allowing sufficient time for your teammates to kill your enemies inside, provided that your teammates are sufficiently equipped with items.

How about damage? Well you basically leave most of the killing to your carrying teammates. All you do is slow the enemy by hitting them as much as you can while nuking with Mist Coil if they are running but heal your allies when they are in a standstill in team fights. Periodic AoE damage is also done by your Apothic shield as it explodes.

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