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Shhhh, It's hunting time. A guide to PUB roaming

January 5, 2013 by PoNySoNg
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Sometimes you might just be bored of playing the same old lane, the same old last hit game. Some times you just want to run around aimlessly and kill people. Well I have good news, you can do exactly that with the right heroes!

What is pub roaming??

Well pub roaming is basically you and another buddy or just maybe you alone picking heroes with a reliable form of stun or Venomancer and going from short lane to mid lane to long lane and then ganking randomly.

Remember how you have those games where one lane loses really bad to the enemy team? Well this strategy's job is to stop that from happening and make you win ALL your lanes while you have fun.

Please note this usually only works in pub level games where people are so used to the same meta game that they won't expect this to happen until they catch on ;) also pubs don't buy tps to counter-gank

Who do I pick to do this "Pub-train"?

Heroes with reliable stun all work, having a buddy to come along will be a lot more effective leaving your team with 3 solo lanes.

Here are some examples

This is the generic nuker, well he was for me when I first picked up Dota in Wc3.

His stun followed by his sheep works wonders for any gank especially early on.

This is another generic nuker, high damaging wave nuke combined with delayed stun. Ganking power spikes at 6 when you get Laguna Blade Works best with a sure fire stun like Vengeful Spirit or Lion

Ogre Magi
This two headed dude is PURE SKILL, his sure fire single target stun followed by his devastating slowing DoT will eat most squishy heroes and great for setting up kills.

Vengeful Spirit
Vengeful spirit is the definition of single target stun, probably one of the most reliable single target stuns in the game with some exceptions. Damage aura also goes a long way

The poison man known for his level 1 slow, so why not utilize it in a roam?

Crystal Maiden
Her sister Lina can do it so she wanted to do it as well. Her Frostbite will leave enemies frozen in their tracks and she has an amazing slow to follow it up, not to mention she is self-sufficient on mana thanks to her aura.

Starting off

To start off you are gonna want to go to your short lane and hide in the trees with your roaming buddy or if you don't have one the hard carry and his support.

Wait for the enemy to extend into the lane past the point of no return, this is different depending on your lineup, but it is usually past the bend towards the tower or at it.

Initiate with the most sure fire stun the three of you have which is usually you as the roamer coming from behind. The other two buddies will proceed to jump the same target and keep him stun locked for as long as possible for first blood.

Use first blood assist gold or just the first blood kill gold to buy wards and upgrade courier and such to keep as much vision on the map so you can gank efficiently. Also counter-ward so the enemy doesn't see you coming.

Following in your glory

After tasting the sweet sweet blood of your foes you want more. But just because you are a manly manly beast doesn't mean you have to run off in a super obvious fashion. Stay around and make the enemy think you are running a tri-lane since it isn't so uncommon anymore and pretend to pull as you move towards your jungle and head towards the middle lane.

You don't want to gank this lane unless it is pushed so you can come up from behind when the enemy creeps and the hero are past their ledge meaning they can't see up the cliff as well as they should though their tower provides most of the vision needed. Once he passes that little cliff into the river it is time to jump him.

Same routine as for first blood except you probably have to dive into his tower. Don't be scared to commit and suicide if it will get the kill since your job is to play as the most aggresive support in the world buying wards and upgrading courier so your TEAM will win the lanes. So killing the enemy mid and bagging your mid the kill is optimal even if it means you might die. Of course you not dieing is even more optimal.

Transitioning out

The enemy team will catch on to your shenanigans and start grouping up in odd attempts in trying to counter gank even though you are probably counter-warding and warding the whole time while you gank from top to bot to mid to bot to top. Once the enemy starts grouping in one place, usually the place you gank most often to stop you. Force team fights to happen while your carry is off farming. The lane you want to throw attention to is the enemy short lane or your long lane to disrupt enemy farm. I know ganking your short lane is way easier but then how is your carry gonna farm if three other people are there from both teams?

He can't

Once team fights start breaking the laning phase should end and you can begin playing normally.


Have fun and don't whine because you lost. This is meant for having fun and not necessarily win the game. Of course this could bag your team a huge advantage if done right. The bottom line is you transition out smoothly so you aren't completely underleveled and underfarmed.

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