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Shaking and Slamming, a Troll ES guide.

February 3, 2014 by XXXLegendOfTheLeagueXXX
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Main Build

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills

Aftershock (Innate)


1 12 13 14

Enchant Totem

2 4 5 7

Echo Slam

6 11 16


17 18


Hey guys how it going,

Deadghosty, here bringing you an ES guide! (ignore my username it got synced with mobafire :/)

Anyways up and foremost, i want to talk about ES. ES has many viable ways to play him, he can be really be a valuable tool to any team, oftern refereed to as stunshaker,***shaker, and many other names i assume.

What i want to make clear is this guide is STRICTLY for playing ES under certain conditions. There are other guides to focus him as mainly a support.

So what is this guide?

Well, this guide will focus on the match up where the enemy team consists mostly of squishy characters.

We are talking about heroes like:

Shadow Demon
Crystal Maidan
Witch Doctor
etc etc
Basically anything with less then 1k hp you will be able to kill around level 8-11 ish.

I just want to make it clear that if these circumstances are not met, then there is really no point in this guide.

Basically anything with less then 1k hp you will be able to kill around level 8-11 ish.

Your main objective will be to single out their enemy heroes and kill them while they are isolated. Even though your not the carry, your doing your job of support but in a different way. Your supporting your team by giving your self money and in the process taking away money from their carries and other heroes.


Start: These starting items will give you a boost in flexibility early on in game.

Main purchase order: This will be your main order of purchase, boots will help with speed and overall be good. But shadow blade will be your bread and butter of this build. Scepter will both help with your attack damage and overall team fight damage as well with Echo SLAM!

Late game: It is not often that i see these items in play, most of the time the game is ending or about to end as soon as i get my Heart, highly unlikely but get what you can to help your team in fights

Situational: Depending on how much farm you get, you can always purchase some team items, but i most of the time make the other support buy them. Blink dagger is a good replacement for super late in order to initiate better or if the other team has a gem or something so you can't go in with shadow blade. Blade mail for when people like targeting you. Get a magic wand if they got a lot of spell casters and feel you could use the charges.

Other team feeding you

sometimes especially in a pub match, your team will become really fed. it happens on occasions and you get a lot of money flowing into your bank. It's actually really hard to to kill a really fed ES with this build. I was level 25 and was able to one shot an alchemist with just 1 blow.

Not to mention our carry and everyone else was fed. It just turns it into a fun game.

If your team has like 50 kills compared to their 3 then you know your team is getting fed.

Phases of the game.

Early game: Early game focus on farming some cash and if you can try coordinating with your team to set up some kills and bag some coinage.

Mid game: this is around level 8-11 when you get your shadow blade. later if you your farm is on the low side. Most of the time heroes will be scattered around at this point. Carry some TP scrolls so you can find your target and have some delicious kills. Also by killing them, you deny them gold and grant your self gold in the process.

Late game: Late game is when the pushing happens most of the time and team fighting. Luckily we prepared and got ourselves a scepter so even though we did go more of a "killer" build, we can still dish out some nice damage and stuns in team fights. you can always catch up to someone if they run away with shadow blade.

How to attack (screenshots provides for reference)

Early game: Early game you wanna help set up some kills. Here is an example of me setting up first blood for silencer
Mid game: to go in, you first cast Enchant Totem, then shadow blade. your route should look something like this:

First, your rotation will look something like this

Enchant totem> shadow blade> wait 4 seconds for CD> slam an enemy > enchant totem for about 125 + stun > slam them again> this will do about 900 damage, less if they got armor and such> fissure > echo slam.

if your going to 1v1 low hp characters, all you will need is 2 enchant totem hits on them and they will die. For team fights it slightly different and situational. if the enemy is bunched up i just shadow blade in, hit someone and echo slam.

Here we have a fairly decent stacked amount of creeps to help with your ulti, and 2 low hp characters. Easy kills

I proceed to slam Dazzle
And to top it all off, an Echo Slam for the double kill.

Late game: Late game and even mid game, you want to initiate with your team close to the enemy.
Here is a sample engagement:

Here i am in position to slam someone for some damage, set up some stuns and even ulty with my team close behind them.


As with all heroes, sometimes you will do good, sometimes bad. It happens. Sometimes you could be the best team player on your team and still lose.

here are some screenshot examples of games i had.

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