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Shadowfiend surviving nuker

December 1, 2013 by Watchman of Wolves
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SF damage dealer

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

Purchase Order

Survival Nuke pack

Healing Salve
Ring of Basilius
Slippers of Agility
Power Treads
Helm of the Dominator
Aegis of the Immortal
Shadow Blade

Hero Skills


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Presence of the Dark Lord

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Requiem of Souls

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Shadowfiend surviving nuker

Watchman of Wolves
December 1, 2013


This build is for Shadowfiend to be a nuker while at the same time being really hard to kill. Good for advanced hero's but not for newbies. Please read and enjoy.

Item Explanation

The starting items, Salve and Ring, are used for the mana regen of the ring and the emergency health of the salve should you be in a deadly situation. Afterwards it is best to complete a ring of aquila for the stats it provides. You will immediately want to go for treads for the speed and versatility of the item. It is great for if you are short of mana or health to have greater regen of either.

Afterwards during the early mid game or late early game (if you have the gold) is a helm of the dominator which will give you so much survivability and the ability to jungle and rosh later on due to the lifsteal. Afterwards your focus should be on damage so a daedalus is great for the critical hits it gets you a lot of your health back as well as dishing out lots of pain.

At this point it will generally be the beggining of the late game depending on how well you have done. At this point you can either Rosh and get the Aegis which is highly recommended or you can go for the butterfly which is the ultimate weapon for a character like Nevermore. It is a must have late game.

Then if you still have time go for either a shadowblade or a desolator. it is recommended you go for the desolator as it stacks with your armor reduction. this build is mostly for damage and not for stealth ganking. This build is not set in stone but it is great for players who want to play a 5 kill Nevermore.

Pros / Cons

-Will win fights you would not normally win
-Can jungle extensively
-Can one man Rosh
-Will generally beat all squishy hero's in a 1 on 1
-can push extremely well
-If ahead in kills has possiblity on killing all 5 enemy hero's at once depending on hero's

-Not very good at solo ganks (no stealth)
-If bad player this build will not work well
-can be a costly item build
-Relies on getting gold (last hits, rosh and hero kills)

Creeping / Jungling

Doing an attack move is highly recommended as the damage output will allow for last hits 95% of the time. It is possible to push and destroy a tower really quickly by yourself. What one must watch out for are things like ganks and five man pushes. As soon as Nevermore has lifesteal he is able to jungle extensively and is recommended for if you fall behind. Due to Nevermore's farming ability he can quickly kill neutrals around the map possibly including the enemy's jungle. Caution is advised however for both jungles as it is common for wards to be in both areas.


This build can be easily recovered from a bad start and is great for a player trying a more risky but more rewarding build. This build relies heavily on the players skill however and is NOT recommended for newer players but HIGHLY recommended for advanced players.

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