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Shadow shamans wrath (WIP)

August 10, 2012 by Jayykob
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Jayykob | August 10, 2012 9:13am
Yeah thanks, I'm currently working on the major part of the guide so its far from fully completed. Now its mostly working as a ALT-TAB build and spec guide
Starbucks 64 (3) | August 6, 2012 8:19pm
Alright item builde, nailed the skill build. However, it isn't that much of a guide because it doesn't tell you how to best utilize the character. Since its better than most of the guides on this website, thumbs up.
ERMAC__#172623 (7) | August 5, 2012 10:43am
That makes more sense. it's better to separate different choices like that or make a note of a choice.

I say shock is better because it's damage at level one is better than the majority of nukes at that level. The main reason you pick level one spells in pubs is to stop cheesey rosh strats or if someone actually tries to ward your jungle. A 1 second hex might save you from being solo ganked, but nobody is going to solo gank at level one because nobody can. They need multiple heroes. It won't save you from a good early game stun. You should be going with someone and not be out of position like that.

If you want a disable, your better of with shackles level 1. Just need to time it right, it will be more successful in getting pre game first bloods.

BTW, even though it's better than before, a point booster as core is a waste if you don't build it into something. Better off with Bracers.
Jayykob | August 5, 2012 10:31am
I might have organized it wierd, but I do NOT suggest both boots, I mean't for it to be a choice, whatever suits the game and situation best.

Also on the lvl1 spec, its a matter of choice, that'll say if you would get ganked early,
ERMAC__#172623 (7) | August 4, 2012 11:04pm
First build is...well...

Are you suggesting both Bots and Mana boots early game? That is a lot of gold for and item that isn't really good on SS that early. If you want to push a lane, you can TP to your own tower and blink there instead of spending 2500 gold. not to mention mana boots only last so long as a mana sustain on a mana intensive hero like SS. No bottle?

The biggest problem is you have no Survivability at all on a squishy hero like SS. No bracers? You'll be right clicked down in a few seconds. One of your spells is channeled to, so you need to be alive for it to have an effect. if you don't, even if the enemy doesn't have a stun that hasn't been used, they can just AA you down. If they do have a stun, you'll be feeding like ****ing crazy in every clash.

Ags is also not core. All it does is improve your ward damage by abit. If you need stats get a ultimate orb into sheep stick which not only solves your mana problems but gives you better stats as well and ANOTHER hex.

Not to mention if you have enough gold for mana boots, BoT, Ags and Blink by mid game on SS, the enemy team is doing something wrong and you might as well go divine for ***** and giggles.

Your second build is fairly solid. If you're going a more supporty build which is what SS should usually do.

One thing i do agree with is Blink, and others might disagree.

I love my blink on SS. It allows you to get your great disables and act as sort of a psuedo initiator and set up ganks on otherwise safe heroes like morph and AM since hex into shackles is ****ing amazing. As well as a decent escape.

Skill build is alright except I'd take ethershock at level one. It's 140 damage at level one which as far as level one nukes go.. very very good. Much better than a 1.25 second hex.
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