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January 17, 2021 by Zx11
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DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend


January 17, 2021

About me

Hello everyone and welcome to my first guide ever, I have been playing dota 2 for 7 years now , I started playing for 2 years until I understood the game's basics completely then I started getting to know my own role , I tried offlane but I did not like it , I tried safelane and liked it so I played it for a year but then I tried midlane and everything changed , for me it was the best role that I fit in , it just takes dota to a completely different level , for me this role is an art not just a game , so I have been playing mid position for 4 years now and still going , its my main role now , I started as a 2k MMR player and climbed my way to immortal , I am only rank 2000 currently (NA), I do not consider my self as a pro player but I do consider that I have mastered the midlane role , but I am still and always learning from the pro, I am a pilot and we have a saying that " a good pilot is always learning " and I find it to be very true in dota too, so a good dota player is always learning no matter how good you are.

This will be my first guide ever that I make , it will be a guide that I hope will help many players interested in the hero shadow fiend , my favorite hero of all time , I have played him about 90% of the time I went mid, I have over 3k matches of playing sf , please note that this guide is only for sf and I will not focus on midlane mechanics a lot as I am planning to make another full guide of the " mid role " , so in this guide I will try and lay out all of my trick cards as an sf player and every tip and information that I know about mastering this hero, please enjoy.


I will not start with the basic information that you can easily find in the game such as the starting armor or health of the hero or explain his abilities as many other guides start this way , i find it a waste of time for the people who is reading the guide.


Pros :

[*] One of the strongest midlane hero's if not "the" strongest midlane hero.
[*] Huge comeback potential in the hands of a good player if he had a bad start.
[*] The ability to kill anyone in the game if you had a good start.
[*] Tower and lane pusher while team fighter at the same time.
[*] Insane farm mechanics.
[*] Never falls off throughout the game like many other mid heros.

Cons :

[*] Easy to play but hard to master.
[*] Requires you to have a good positioning mechanics to be effective ( will come with time and practice )
[*] You will need to be fast and have a fast reaction timing and fast cancelation of your ability.
[*] Very fragile hero and can easily die to ganks in the early game .

Laning stage - 1

Note that in this chapter i will explain the entire laning stage for shadow fiend , it might be long due to the detail i will mention but its extremely usefull, therefore i will separtae them into few parts .

Matchups is everything for sf, certain hero matchups will completly change the way and style you should play sf in the lane stage , there are bad match ups and there are good matchups , usually good matchups you would wanna be agresive and stand on top of your foe , and in bad match ups , its vicce versa you would wanna try and get farm as much as you possibly can and stay away from your foe .

Bad Matchups :

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