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Shadow Fiend Like Boss

February 7, 2012 by BloodnSugar
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SkyneT800 (1) | February 9, 2012 11:30am
Alot of what Smayonnaise said is correct, Lemme help you out with your item build.

At level 1 start with 4 gg branches, 1 circlet , 2 sets of tangos. This will give you +6 all stats and make sf not as squishy as hes known to be. This will also give you a great sized mana pool to throw about about 5-6 razes at lvl 3 and 5. First buy bottle from courier, then red boots.

After that it's a timing game. If you can afford Boots of Travel before 12 minutes do that, otherwise go safe with 2x wraith bands and power treads on STR, except with jungling.

I find going straight for BKB better than going for an initiation item like blink dagger or Shadow blade. If you die with SF it takes a while for him to get back into the game ( Soul replenishment)

After BKB I'd go for Shadow blade, that is my personal preference, blink dagger has its own perks.

Contrary to illusion, shadow fiend doesn't have that much damage with full souls, so going for a Daedalus is iffy. Go for a stygian, or if you feel you are dying faster than you should grab a Skadi.

And for games where you are just destroying grab Shadow blade then Ethereal blade. Eth blade a enemy, then shadow blade and ult inside them. GG

Best of luck.
BloodnSugar (1) | February 8, 2012 2:10pm
Thank you for your opinion, constructive criticism always welcome, it helps you improve the things you have done wrong. The reason at start I go with ring of protection on side lanes and circlet, because you can buy slippers on side shop, that's the only reason, plus ring of protection is a decent defensive item against other ranged enemies that will eventually hit you from time to time, it adds survivability because SF is really low on hp, also as I mention a Wand is good addition to survival. But thanks again for response, and yeah wall of text is a bit annoying but in few mins dunno max 4 you can read it all, not a 100 pages of PDF :).
Smayonnaise (2) | February 7, 2012 2:59pm
This is overall a good guide but there is a few points that I would say should be different:

- Firstly, try to break up your guide into more paragraphs as it is a LOT easier than reading a wall of text.

- Secondly, for starting items, I would advice going for some Slippers to increase your last hitting power. As well as this, I personally am a fan of Butterfly for late-game as it increases his DPS and tankiness by quite a bit.

- You should mention that Shadow Fiend is a very good mid-laner as he needs all souls and levels he can get. In addition, to this you should include the option of a bottle as it is so good on a hero like him.

-Lastly, you put your conclusion at the start and your beginning at the end. You also spelled beginning wrong.
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