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March 9, 2014 by GingerBreadMAN511
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Yellow lightnings and snakes

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Shaman

Purchase Order


Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Carrying on

Boots of Speed
Magic Stick

Things you definitely want to buy

Arcane Boots
Aghanim's Scepter
Refresher Orb

In case you get more farm

Drum of Endurance
Force Staff

Hero Skills

Ether Shock

1 3 4 7


8 10 13


2 5 9 12

Mass Serpent Ward

6 11 16


15 17 18


March 9, 2014


Hey guys, basically I have been playing this hero for quite a while and this build has proven to me the most effective. in this build you will act like a semi-carry and go on the side-lane with someone else. Now as well the most important part is landing your snakes well. Enjoy.

Early game

Keeping it as simple as possible harass with Q and when someone is low enough shackle them to give your partner a chance to finish off the opponent. Only one major notice is keep an eye on you mana and try to not get too aggressive, just from time to time come in range and BOOM!, if things get nasty just hug your tower until you get the levels and gold.

Mid game

Ok, now you want to rush the Arcane Boots to boost up your mana and to allow you to spam spells for a bit longer. As soon as you have the boots you can start to play aggressive. by aggressive I mean spamming Q as much as you can. If you are lucky enough eventually you will be alone on the lane and this is your chance to shine... destroying the tower... to destroy the tower fast and efficiently wait for your wave of creeps to arrive and make sure they are not dying very fast (try to kill enemy creeps before they damage your creeps too much using Q) because the healthier the creeps the longer they can tank the damage while you and your serpents destroy the tower. if someone comes close the wards will attack them and scare them off allowing you to destroy the tower... NOW REPEAT

Late game

By this stage you would want to get your Aghanim's and hopefully refresher. these two items are devastating on this hero. basically whenever there is a tower you can destroy or an enemy approaching, just leave it to the snakes, shackle them, when its done hex and when that's done they should either be dead or running away with 10 hp in which case you can finish them off with Q. As well when you are about to die in a team fight try to place the wards somewhere to help your team mates and maybe snatch some kills.

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