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Semi-Carry & Amazing Push Legion

February 5, 2014 by christheduckman
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Semi-Carry & Amazing Push Legion

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Early Game

Mid Game

Late Game



Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds


Press the Attack

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Moment of Courage

2 3 5 7


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Semi-Carry & Amazing Push Legion

February 5, 2014


Very simple guide to follow!
To use in-game, Favorite it here.

This character makes a good ganker, carry, jungler and can even do a little support. Additionally, her ultimate is a powerful disable that prevents tough opponents from using abilities. With the right items, like these, she can also be a GREAT pusher. You can often go mid with this build, at least until you get your ultimate at Lv6.

This build focuses on balanced complimentary item stats that stack well in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Get as many kills as you can early using "duel" to snowball into a monster carry then push like she's in labour!


-Use right before activating "duel".
-Can kill Roshan with this and Morbid Mask at Lv11

Blink Dagger
If you're having gank problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems and iniatin' aint one!


Overwhelming Odds
-Only put 1 point to escape and initiate.
-Situationally useful against characters with minions like Brood and Phantom Lancer.

Press The Attack
-Use it often, especially before a duel.
-Helps save $ on tango/salves early.
-Enables you to solo Rosh and towers.

Moment of Courage
-Tanks creeps to heal (good for jungle).
-Lifesteal compliments it well.
-Avoid evasion items so this procs more.

TRICK: When you first obtain this, most heroes will die at around half hp!
-Shouting "Yu-Gi-Oh!" makes it do more damage.
-Try to let a few creeps hit you when using this to proc "Moment of Courage".
-Be careful when other enemies are around.
-Works well with blademail.
-Take advantage early and as often as possible to build perma-attack.

Level-up Stats
The earlier in the game you acquire these, the better they serve you. Helps you snowball into a beast carry.

Pros / Cons

+Solo Rosh earlier than most builds.
+VERY strong in the mid-game. Often end games faster.
+Eat Towers quickly and alone. Great split pusher.
+Amazing gank ability with Duel + Blademail.
+Balanced stats from the start.
+Buff team with Vlad's.

-Not as durable as other hard-carry Legion builds.
-Run from Abaddon. Do not duel this guy when his Ult is up.

Team Work

-Vengeful Spirit can swap positions with an opponent for you to duel them.
-Kunka can do something similar to VS.
-Bloodseeker gives them the choice of running and dieing or standing still to duel you.
-Slardar and Dazzle can lower the opponents' armor before a duel.
-Meepo, Wind Ranger or anyone with a long trap/stun duration are good to share lane.

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