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Scrubz League Safe-Lane Meepo

April 2, 2014 by Doomsd46
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General Ass-Kickery Build

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

Beginning of Game

Ring of Protection

2 Min Rush

Tranquil Boots

20 Mins or Less

Aghanim's Scepter

Rest of the Game

Heart of Tarrasque
Assault Cuirass
Armlet of Mordiggian
Ethereal Blade
Boots of Travel
Aegis of the Immortal


Divine Rapier
Vladmir's Offering
Eye of Skadi
Battle Fury
Power Treads

Hero Skills


2 6 9 11


1 4 5 7


8 12 13 14

Divided We Stand

3 10 17


15 16 18

Scrubz League Safe-Lane Meepo

April 2, 2014


I am going start off by saying I am not a pro player, in fact I am solo ranked around 2.5k, so I am well within scrubz league range I think. One of my favorite heroes to play is Meepo. Many will protest playing Meepo in low level pub games, they assume you will feed, although if you learn a few simple skills Meepo becomes very easy to play and a ridiculous force to be reckoned with. This guide will be fairly simple as far as the build, I wouldn't stray far from it as it works wonders as soon as you start getting the hang of Meepo.


Starting off with skills, these are pretty straight forward.

Your first skill is earth bind (I use "q" for this skill). This is your stun and can be used to escape. Interesting features of Earthbind is that it cancels teleports and channeled spells (including Pudge's ult), and while Earthbound gives truesight if the victim becomes invis AFTER they have been bound. However when thrown it does take time to reach where it is thrown to, so the skill to learn for this is how to lead a target. If you practice this on bots you will get used to how far ahead of a target you have to throw. As well you will get used to anticipating enemy movements, you think they may cut around a corner you can throw it to where you think they will be past that corner as it can be thrown into the fog of war.

- 2 second duration is pretty good
- Mana cost is decent
- Low Cooldown
- With multiple Meepo's and low cooldown you can tab throw these to eternally stun someone
- Each Meepo can throw this independent of the other Meepo's
- Ridiculous Range (1250 range when maxed)

- Takes time to reach target
- Evaded by BKB or other magic immunity (example// LifeStealer's ability that gives him magic immunity for a short period of time)
- If force staffed or other ability is used unit will be moved but still bound at new location for remaining duration (problematic because not completely bound in one spot)

Poof! This is the bread and butter skill, this is where you do a lot of damage and enemies run in fear. It is also a global teleport and can be used for escapes as well. The way this skill works is you channel for 1.5 seconds (feels like less) and you teleport to a Meepo, the same one or another one. Not only that but it does damage in a 375 AoE range at the location you leave AND arrive at. This means if you teleport to the same Meepo you are doing double the damage stated on Poof. Pair this with low mana cost, low cooldown and multiple Meepo's, you can do massive damage FAST (Max level Poof with 5 Meepo's teleporting from the same spot to the same spot deals 1400 Damage in a 375AoE range). As well you can Poof to Meepo illusions.

- Channeling doesn't take very long
- Does damage at departure and arrival location
- Good escape
- Low Mana cost
- Low cooldown
- Each Meepo can cast this individually

- It is channeled, possibility of it being cancelled
- Is Magic damage and does nothing if victim activates a BKB or ability for Magic resistance

This is your Passive, so we won't spend too much time on it, but is still very good. Essentially this slows the target while also doing a bit of damage over time and both the DPS and slow last for 2 seconds. This stacks for every Meepo everytime they hit a target so with Multiple Meepo's attacking a target will slow them to a snails pace in a few hits. I am unsure if the damage per second stacks for each Meepo though. Clarification on that would be handy.

This is Meepo's Signature Skill, pretty much it makes MORE Meepo's. It also reduces your respawn times a bit but only gives your clones a 30% (unless it got nerfed) stat bonus from the main Meepo. It is upgradable via the Ags Scepter to give you another Meepo and 100% stat share.

The order for these can be changed a little but pretty much you want to get your Divided We Stands at each level they are available (levels 3, 10 and 17) while maxing your Poofs first, Maxing Earthbinds second and Geostrike last. Pretty much you want a level of Earthbind and Poof before your level 3 Clone, after that max Poofs as fast as possible and grabbing Earthbind levels when Poof is either maxed or can't be leveled yet. Sometiem you may want to grab a level of Geostrike earlier, depends if you find that kills are getting away because after an Earthbind wears off they just run away. The order I have in this guide is pretty good and I wouldn't stray far from it unless you want to switch an Earthbind for a Geostrike a little earlier.

How to Play and Item to Build

Its important to note that the only item clones can carry are the same boots the main Meepo wears himself (Once you buy them on the main Meepo all the Meepo's have them) as well only STATS are shared so items giving damage isn't shared to the clones.

Secondly the main buttons I use are tab (which cycles through Meepo's), "q" for Earthbind, "w" for Poof and space bar to select the Main Meepo. That is really all you need to start, you literally just net something down then mash "w", click on the Meepo next to the victim, hit tab, "w" select a Meepo to teleport to and do this very fast to get all your Meepo's Poofing quickly to kill the victim (They aren't a target, they will be a victim).

Starting items should be Tangos and a Ring of Protection (You will have 325 gold leftover, save it). You will run out into the safe lane to the side shop and when the game begins before the creeps get out to you will will have enough gold for a Ring of Regen. All you have to do now is not die, save up, and last hit your way to a pair of boots of speed. First item, boots, specifically Tranquil Boots which is what I described building (You can usually get these by 2-3mins). These were nerfed, but are still amazing. They always give you at least 4 armor and 60 move speed (Meepo already has decent movespeed so this makes you really fast, so you can catch enemies/victims). When they are active they give you the armor still, 90 move speed (60+30extra) and 12hp regen (TWELVE!). Something to note about these is that if you cast abilities or have abilities cast on you they stay active. They only are deactivated if you or are autoattacked (including creeps) meaning you can net and poof people without them deactivating. Meepo has one of the highest starting armors in the game, adding these gives even more which helps make you harder to kill.

Once you have your Tranquil Boots and probably a second Meepo at this point, you can begin Microing, a skill you will need to learn. I set the space bar to select my hero, in Meepo's case, the main one. Hitting tab selects the next one. The main Meepo you will leave in lane so soak up XP and some last hits, mostly he will sit under the tower though because you will have the second Meepo pulling the easy camp out when your creep are coming down the lane and they will tank the damage from the neutrals. This is creep pulling, you get your creeps to tank damage while you last hit, as well if your creeps die it denies the enemy team gold and XP. All the while your main Meepo sits in lane under your tower killing the enemy creeps. The way Meepo works, all Meepo's gain gold and XP for you, so this starts leveling you faster and gets you more money which you will need for an Ags Scepter.

Creeping pulling goes better if the other team doesn't gank you so try to have your support ward your jungle. Your support can also sit and lane and get XP normally, but you can not TriLane with Meepo.

Now you should start leveling faster and getting a decent amount of gold. You will want to start building an Ags Scepter so you can share full stats and have another Meepo. When building an Ags I grab the Orge Club first for more health on the main Meepo, then the Blade of Alacrity or Wizardy Staff if I find I am low on Mana, although the blade give your autoattack damage, attack speed and armor and is more useful usually. The last piece to buy is the Point Booster. I usually have this item before 20mins, usually around 17mins at the latest. I also usually have this after level 10 but before 17 so when you get it you will have a 4th Meepo.

By this point if all is going well you are starting to snowball HARD. With 4 Meepo's I start keeping them grouped up but push alone from my team to avoid too much XP leech (Explained later). As well for beginners its usually too hard to try microing 3 groups so grouping up makes things easier. Pretty much at this point you are pushing lanes and ganking. Net people down, run up hit them a few times to slow them throw an easy net again, poof, kill, repeat. You are still a little squishy at this point but your gold per minute is usually very high so save up for a reaver. This gives all Meepo's health. You will then work toward a Vitality Booster. These will be combined into a heart. A Heart is great because it does give all the Meepo's a bunch of health as well as the main Meepo a bunch of regen, meaning you can keep him out while others are in spawn healing, then poof them out to the main one.

If all is going perfectly you are soloing the entire other team, if they are going average you are kicking ***. Keep up the good work, push and win!

Other items to consider building after this point would be an Assault Cuirass. Since you will probably be keeping your Meepo's together this gives them all armor and attack speed while again making your Main Meepo even tankier so he never has to go to base and keeping you in the fight faster. More hearts never hurt as well, often times if games are going well which i have a feel for I will build 3 in total (I usually do this if I feel confident I can get them around the 30 min mark. Being an agility hero an Ethereal Blade gives you and your clones more damage, armor and attack speed for reducing building to rumble. Its active can sometimes be useful for escapes. It can be very effective but I generally don't build one. Boots of Travel are a common item to build for mobility. A Bloodstone is really handy to reduce respawn times even more as well as it only loses charges if the main Meepo is killed. Armlet or Mordiggian which sounds strange but with a heart you can leave it turned on all the time and it won't drain your health. Also since it gives stats your clones get a bunch from it as well.

Aegis of Immortal. Ok so this item you can use, very effectively sometimes but its strange. When killed all your Meepo's respawn where the Main Meepo died, so if you know you are going to die, have no backup or such, you can leave your clones fighting and run the main Meepo off somewhere so when you die your Aegis respawns you away from the fight. This is handy so they don't just murder you again.

Rejected Items

Reject items that give only damage (Divine Rapier), items like Battlefury which sound great, "OMG Cleave on all my Meepos!" but realize only the main Meepo gets the cleave and damage. Vlads was a common item for Old School builds but since you don't do much damage with auto attacks, a lot comes from your Poofs, I personally feel its a waste of 2050 gold as is a Mekansm in my opinion as your support need something to build as well later it become useless when you get loads of health. I have seen Eye of Skadis built on Meepos before for slowing effect, but you already have one, your Passive, so get at least one level in it and use it instead of wasting gold on an item. Out of the 3 boots generally built on Meepo (Tranquils, Travel and Power Treads) I feel Power Treads are the worst and shouldn't be built. Early game they give some health, attack speed and movement speed, but I find Tranquil are faster to build, give you more move speed even while off, extra armor helps make you tankier and reduces the need to buy consumable regen items or head to base because you can literally back off a little bit (Staying in XP range though still) and let them heal you with 12hp (TWELVE! That is still ridiculous!) regen. this means you get them sooner, and can stay in lane much longer getting gold and XP with them and frankly I think that makes them leaps and bounds better then Power Treads and why I say not to get them. Boots of Travel are too expensive early game and are your late game option but are very good too for mobility.

Things to Think About

First off, each Meepo counts as a hero and gains XP as such. If you keep all 5 around your team, you will be getting more then 50% of the xp and the other <50% portion is split between your teammates. This is XP Leech and its problematic because although you get fat, your teammates will be underleveled to the other team usually and be easy kills. this can lose you games. This is why early game you want to Micro and jungle some Meepo's with only one in lane and why later you want to try to push by yourself a bit, only grouping up with your team for team fights they couldn't win without you. This is especially important when you hit level 25 because you will still be stealing XP from them, however since you can't level anymore its a total waste.

Second thing to note, there are some easy counters to Meepo. EarthShaker will poo on your day, as will Ember Spirit, Lion's Finger of Death can be problematic, Necrophos interestingly can be comboed with some like Lina to one shot you. Lots of times you can keep fighting at half health, especially if you have items like a heart that give you lots of health, but with Necrophos that really is a kick in the teeth because of his ult, if one Meepo is a little less then half health and he ults it you are dead. Mostly you want to stay away from Heavy AoE damage or major single person damage. Some of these can be avoided easy enough, others are not and would highly be suggested not playing Meepo against.

Third point is runes. The only rune you have to care about is Meepo is Double Damage. The reason for this is if you get all your clones really close (within 300-500 ~units of the rune I think it is) then have the main Meepo grab it, it affects them all.

Lastly, have fun, practice a bit on bots and you should be able to play Meepo in a real game with decent results.

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