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Scary Bear Build

August 21, 2014 by Tall Jenkins
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Scary Bear Build

DotA2 Hero: Ursa

Hero Skills


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Fury Swipes

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Ursa is a giant man-bear who rips people apart.

He is a powerful ganker from level 6, and can easily trash even tanky heroes with his trademark "fly into a frenzy and rip off their face" approach.

In short, he is a scary bear.

Items/Early Game

Early game, you should be gankins whenever possible. If you are in the safe lane, stalk around the woods to get the drop on unsuspecting enemy heroes. Always be looking for the opportunity to gank. Because early ganking requires you to be in somewhat dangerous positions, you need the shield and tangoes for survivability.

Your Abilities

Ursa has 3 active abilities: An AOE slow, a MASSIVE attack speed boost, and a straight damage gain. Furthermore, he has a passive which makes him deal more damage per hit the more hits he lands on his victim. It's like a desolator, but free.

How to use them:

The Stomp: This is not a nuke. THIS IS NOT A NUKE. It doesn't deal very good damage, and while it can be used to somewhat weaken creep waves its true purpose is to be a slow. As you may already know, Ursa is very good at killing a single target. With a slow that, at level 4, slows for 55%, he can ensure his targets don't run off.

Overpower: This skill is a beast. It's also fairly simple. Activate it -> Hit somebody -> Profit. Tips: it goes GREAT with your straight damage boost from your ult. Don't activate it if your enemy is fleeing, because you won't be able to deal the quick burst damage Ursa is so good at dealing.

Fury Swipes: Probably one of the best passives in the game. It can be used for easily killing enemy heroes because of the extra damage, as well as helping with last hits and Roshan. Last hits? What? Simple. If you are having trouble getting the creeps dead, hit a few of them once while they are at high health, and when they are at low health hit them again. The damage boost can help immensely if you are having trouble landing those last hits.

Enrage: Gives you more damage. Pretty simplistic; you activate it and for a bit you deal more damage. It is health-based, which means that Ursa the Agility hero profits from Strength items. Even though Ursa is not a tank hero, with the items you get on him because of this skill he accidentally becomes one. Furthermore, it costs NO MANA. NONE AT ALL. Additionally, if you cast it directly after Overpower, there is no cast time. The result? People die. Towers die. Roshan dies. Ancients die.

Items/Mid Game

Once you have some gold from your 1337 ganks, you should get a morbid mask (NOT Vladimir's yet) and a BLINK DAGGER. THIS IS IMPORTANT. With the blink dagger, Ursa can activate Overpower and Enrage, blink in, stomp, and wreck. A few seconds later, when blink and Enrage are off cooldown, you can do it all again. When you hit level 8 (I know it can be done at 3, but 8 is much safer) you can just stroll down to the Rosh pit with your morbid mask, hit roshan a bit, and get that Aegis. The reason I included the Aegis in the core items is because Ursa can reliably get the Aegis, a valuable skill on a hero who will get tons of kills and therefore be focused a lot. Moreover, at later levels, the lifesteal actually allows you to GAIN HEALTH from fighting Roshan. No other hero's gonna give you that.

Core Items/Mid-Late Game

In the mid-late game, you want to continue ganking and getting kills; however, you are going to need to start being more selective about who you kill. I find that preying on supports in teamfights is one of the best things you can do; they don't get the 4000 health needed to ignore your ravishings, and once they're down the teamfight instantly swings in your favor. You also want to get that Vlad's for your team, so that you can dominate even more of the teamfighting. Phase boots allow you to chase down fleeing enemy heroes with ease, and the vitality booster increases the damage from your ultimate significantly. It will later build into the almighty Heart of Tarrasque.

Late Game

The Heart of Tarrasque give you lots of bootylicious health, which further increases your ult damage. Desolator lets you deal even more damage per hit, which is useless early but the armor reduction late game is ridiculously powerful. The Daedalus is surprisingly powerful, because the crits stack with the swipes, making you deal insane damage. Finally, the abyssal blade lets you lock down enemies who are either fleeing or fighting back like suicidal maniacs, giving you another edge in a fight. You still want to be taking down supports in the late game, but if you did your job right early game and crushed the then-weak carries, they too should fall beneath your paws of justice.


As an Ursa, you can be countered with 1 easy combo: Heart + Blade Mail. Stalk enemy builds, and if you see this, do some sneakybeaky things like feinting an attack, waiting for the blade mail to drop, and trashing right through the Heart.


I hope this guide taught you the ways of the Ursa.

If you want to give me suggestions, say you liked it, thought it was total ****, or just want to have your name on the internet, please leave a comment.

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