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Sand King Support Carry

September 1, 2015 by Cutthroat Joe
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Support Carry

DotA2 Hero: Sand King

Purchase Order


Boots of Speed


Arcane Boots
Blink Dagger
Urn of Shadows


Aghanim's Scepter
Octarine Core


Boots of Travel
Dagon 1
Hood of Defiance
Sentry Ward
Heart of Tarrasque
Veil of Discord
Black King Bar

Hero Skills


2 4 8 10

Sand Storm

1 3 7 9

Caustic Finale



6 11


12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Sand King Support Carry

Cutthroat Joe
September 1, 2015


I’ve been using this build for the past week in limited heroes since Im only at lvl 9 and so far it has been working for me. Mind you that this build might not work for professional gaming. I am not a professional Dota2 gamer. This guide is intended for preferably for intermediate to advanced skill level. It doesn’t matter which lane I take mid top or bot.


Starting items I go for boots talons clarity. Let someone buy the courier. You can buy them wings later if you want. You’ll need it to purchase more clarities and healing salves when needed. I go for arcane boots instead of the bottle. Waiting for couriers is just annoying to me. I go for the dagger next ofcourse. I know its unusual but I go for urn of shadows next since its helps in HP regen. After you get the dagger you should be getting a few if not a lot of kills already which goes to your urn which will help you not to go back to base a lot after an attack. Sand King maybe tough but he doesn’t have any skills like heal hp regen or life steal to help him maintain his HP when he goes to attack. I intend to attack a lot so I really need HP. Its really cheap too 875 gold. You may go for tarrasque later if you want. By this time you should have enough gold saved to get you the scepter. It grants significant improvement on your epicenter so naturally this should be one of the core items. After the scepter I go for one last item which is the octarine core. Great item very helpful for Sand King. Reduces cool down of all your spells (yes including your epicenter) and converts the damage caused by your spells into HP! So your get HP back when you do damage with your epicenter! Its awesome!

So far we have arcane boots, urn of shadows, dagger, scepter, and octarine core. Since youre not worried about your mana late in the game, you can swap out your arcane boots with boots of travel so you can switch lanes wherever youre needed. Don’t be surprised by this time you have more than 10K gold. Buy back all you want. You still have one more slot so I would either go for veil of discord, heart of tarrasque, radiance, black king, hood of defiance, or a maxed out dagon. Last time I was owning with a maxed out dagon. Some opponents maybe too tough for your epicenter. Dagon will finish the job for you. 800 damage! BOO YAH!


First skill I max out is the sand storm. I want to harass my opponents early. I use this to take the bounty rune at the start. 10 secs to start I go to where the rune is and cast sand storm that way opposing players will think twice to get the rune. I also use it while farming early in game. It also drives enemies away from farming. I go in the middle of the creeps and cast sand storm. Just be careful if you have enemies that have AoE silence stun spells that could cancel sand storm. They may use sentry wards so be prepared to buy some for you too. Check your opponents’ items from time to time to see if they have sentries of dust. Choose a different lane if possible to keep your sand storm from being cancelled. I max out caustic finale last. I only need one point which I use at level 5 then I max it out late in the game. So that’s sand storm and burrow strike first. Then epi. Then stats. Then caustic finale. See the chart for the skills sequence.

Team Work

Good partners for sand king would be anyone AoE spells ultimates (i.e. leviathan slardar zues warlock maiden keeper of light magnataur sniper etc.) to help you do damage or stop/slow them while youre channeling your epicenter; and if they have magic weakening skills would be helpful too. If you want to get the kills, you can ask your teammates to initiate the attack first then attack with your blink epi. But if youre the only initiator/nuker, don’t be an ******* and just initiate the attack. Try your best to blink in a place where you can burrow strike as many enemies as possible so as to delay them retaliating on you. Hopefully your teammates will be quick enough to follow up and not give you enemies the chance to do so. Since your have the urn and arcane boots, you should be responsible enough to help out your teammates. Its very helpful if you have a support teammate that may have took a lot of damage and give em some of the urn charges so your team can keep pushing. Cooldown for the urn is not that long (about 7 secs) and the arcane boots are helpful early as well as late especially for STR characters who don’t have a lot of mana and need their stuns to slay them enemies (i.e sven). Not so much for INT characters since they should have a lot of mana late in the game then again it will help a little. But you will be switching it out with boots of travel anyway but that’s like really late in the game. So just keep on using the arcane whenever its available. Cool downs a bit long so use it near your teammates whenever possible.


The key for any sand king build for me, I think, is getting the dagger as early as possible so as to get as many kills and gold as possible. once you get the dagger, go to another lane and epicenter their butts to hell. Your focus is to keep your opponents from leveling up early. harass harass harass. Using sand storm early in the game is helpful in keeping your opponents at bay. watchout for AoE spells that could cancel sandstorm or epi.

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