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SAND KING - Don't Just Sand There - Semi Carry

October 1, 2012 by Helios_700
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Sand King

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Sand Storm

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Caustic Finale

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SAND KING - Don't Just Sand There - Semi Carry

October 1, 2012


Hi, first guide here and I have been playing Dota2 for quite a while so I thought I would make a guide on the way i play Sand King (who will from now on be called SK). This guide is not necessarily 'correct' it is just the way I play him which I think works because of T-T-TRIPLE KILL (lots, and often ultra and the occasional rampage). Keep in mind this is not support SK, it is semi-carry


Guess i better explain the items first


I get the tango + salve for the basic early regen, the stout shield to avoid early harass and the iron branch x3 for some last hit, i don't use clarity's early game because you will generally only use you burrow strike for some extra distance between you and your pursuer and sand storm for a 'sneaky' way to hide from ganks until your burrow strike recharges


The boots are for the speed, the magic wand for some early game stats, freeing up some inventory spaces (combines iron branch x3) and gives some extra health and mana boosts. The Arcane boots are an essential part of SK as he has major mana problems without them and with them you will always be wanted around by your team. Thanks to the kind people down in comments i have realized how silly vanguard is on SK, bracers a lot more cost effective and SK really doesn't need vanguard (also you could chuck in another bracer if thing are not going to well) but if you don't want to delay your blink dagger don't bother with bracer.


The blink dagger. The sole reason SK rips up in team fights. For those of you who don't know why this weapon is so sought after by SK it is because of the fact he is able to simply wait in some obscure hidden point while a team fight brews and then as soon as it starts he channels his ulti and blinks in.


For late game I have chosen some choice items for SK, each of which amplify's his team fight capability. The BKB if you have serious trouble with the enemy teams stuns, the Scepter because it massively BUFFS your ulti and the veil because if you land a hit with it on several people...25 percent damage for 20 seconds...'nuff said.

NOTE: For those of you who would like to use Soul Ring on SK... don't... he doesn't have the health for it, if you want mana get Arcane boots :p


With the skill build I am prioritizing SK's burrow strike because it is his most crucial combo skill (sometimes mini-blink) and AOE stun, i cannot stress how important this is for him and when used with his caustic finale for quick, effective creep farm.

His sandstorm is mainly useful for its invisibility (AKA dodging targeted stuns ect) and I don't quite understand why people use it to farm because of how bloody slow it is when you could burrow strike then caustic it.

His caustic is used for pushing lanes and massive farm, I like to get it early game because it allows you to farm blink fast and lvl 1 doesn't really push the lane THAT much.

His ult...mass team fight, can be used in a 1 vs 1 I GUESS but would generally save it for team fights.


Not much else to add really, comments welcome but keep calm and 'semi-carry' on (see what I did there?) yea, hope this guide helps someone out there and GLHF out there

P.S. always remember to carry a TP scroll!

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