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Safelane Terrorblade Farm/Rat God (Zenoth Style)

March 25, 2016 by S1GH
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DotA2 Hero: Terrorblade

Hero Skills


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Safelane Terrorblade Farm/Rat God (Zenoth Style)

March 25, 2016


Terrorblade is an amazing hero if played properly. He is however, countered quite easily by preventing him from farming during early game.
If Terrorblade gets his farm however, he becomes an unstoppable killing machine.
An example match has been uploaded on this link :

Early Game

Build as shown above, Go Safelane and cut down the trees blocking the camp near the lane. Farm the lane and pull the jungle creeps at 53s of every minute to stack the jungle and pull your own creeps. Do not kill the camps when your own creeps go to attack but rather fight the dire creeps alone, with your illusions.
Finally when you have 3-4 camps stacked and you have lvl 4 of Metamorph and Illusions, take the camps with it.

Jungle Time

As soon as you get a yasha, if the enemy team is agressive on your lane, do not push it but go to the jungle with your illusions as well. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE YOUR METAMORPH FOR THIS.
When the lane is abandoned by the enemy, push down the tier 1 and after destroying, head back to the jungle.
Buy a travel and farm your manta.
With your manta and travel, it is expected to push the lanes with your illusions and farm the jungle with your hero. This way, you will get good vision of the enemy and they cannot easily gank you.
Skadi is always the next item unless there are a high amount of nukes.After skadi, do not be afraid to bring your hero along to push down a tier. MAP AWARENESS is highly important as terrorblade.

Late Game

Your build after the first 3 items is highly situational. In a traditional match, I would advise a diffusal blade,bkb and then a butterfly. However, it really depends on your match.
The traditional method by Zenoth is to get the diffusal and then build 2 butterflies, only to sell the diffusal later and build another butterfly. This is amazingly crazy as it kills most supports with just an illusion.

Tips and Tricks

Do not be afraid to metamorph in the jungle.
Be aware of the map and the missing enemies.
When jungling, if you run low on hp, using your level 2 sunder on an enemy and killing them is a very great way to get the advantage
If the enemies are dominating early game, do not stay with your team but go rat and lure the enemies towards you. Pushing down towers as terrorblade is a very easy task.
If an enemy gets a MKB, 3 butterflies is very useless for its price. This is why I suggest getting something else, like a daedalus, one butterfly and a bkb or another skadi. Heart is also good on some matches where heroes are more magic damage than phyiscal.
Finally, think of terrorblade as another anti mage who can push down a lane and escape very easily. As terrorblade, if there are 2 heroes and you know you cannot escape, try and fight them off with your sunder and skills. With the gold advantage, it would be very easy to kill them both.

Thank you for reading. Kindly Rate my guide :)

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