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Rubick Cubed (The Side-Lane Support)

August 8, 2012 by Azazodia#267007
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Dat Sexy build.

DotA2 Hero: Rubick

Hero Skills


1 3 13 14

Fade Bolt

2 4 8 9

Arcane Supremacy

5 7 10 12

Spell Steal

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello! Im Azazodia, a casual MOBA player from the states. This is my first guide for a character in DOTA 2, but not my first guide written in terms of MOBAs. First off a little blurb.

This is a work in progress, please leave helpful critique, items you could see that are useful, ideas, compliments and other positive things in comments. I'll try to get back to y'all as fast as i can.

So, Without further ado, here is my take on Rubick, The Grand Magus

Item build order and other helpful stuff.


So, there you are, at the start of the game. and you are thinking, okay, Rubick is an INT based champ so i need INT items... while that should be the case, but you will get strength gloves. and you will like them. k? k.

Get the Tango's to eat trees like you Willie Nelson in an all you can munch brownie buffet.
Getting one stack will suffice, if you are having trouble with keeping your health up in early game remember these two things.

1) you are ranged, stop running into Bloodseekers face to try to bash him with your staff, it's a bad idea. Blades > Wood.
2) Q. If you start getting jumped on, q the melee target into the air, click q again and aim it at his lane partner (who will usually be behind him) there you go, support is stunned, and melee is outta range.

if neither of these work for you, consider getting two Tangos, and ditching a Clarity.

KK, now you are deep in to lane phase, and you look at the bottom right and say, holy **** I have gold to spend. this is where decisions need to be made, so ask yourself these questions.
1) Do we have a courier?
if yes, get wings. now your *** is flying. :P
if no, get courier. gg donkeys (donkeies?) are op.
2) Do i have 1k?
if yes, finish your urn and get boots.
if no, get your boots. finish wand if you have money left over.
3) do i have barely 500g?
if yes, learn to farm. jk jk, stuff happens i get it, just get Harry Potter's weapon (Magic Wand) and go back to lane. then get your boots before your urn.
if no, if you have less then 500g at first back I don't know what you do other been buy a scroll port back and farm harder, then in a little bit, go back to question 1.

After you get your boots, and either an Urn, or a wand. finish your boots. you need 1000g to buy Energy Booster. Then finish your core up, at this point it should be cheap to finish up your Urn or wand.

Congrats, you now have the ability to be a boss. ( for just under 3k )


Start by getting Bloodstone, then the Pipe of Insight, finish it up with Shiva's Gaurd


Start by getting Perseverance, so as you run around to gank and show up to team fights, you can full heal/mana with urn/wand/boots.

when you get 1200g, get your Point Booster, it's only 100 more gold then the Vitality and the Energy Booster, you get the effects of both.

next get your Vitality Booster and follow that up with Energy Booster. you now have Bloodstone. laugh at people.

1200g - Point Booster
1000g - Energy Booster
1100g - Vitality booster
875g - Perseverance

Pipe of Insight

Get the Hood first. Try to buy it outright if you can, if not, buy in order of highest cost to lowest. It provides the most stats, and makes up for a big chunk of the total cost.

Finish it up by buying the Headress, and then the recipe.

you finished your pipe and now you have the power. it's all in your hands, OP shields win teamfights.

Hood of Defiance - 2125g
Headress - 603g
Recipe - 900g

Shiva's Gaurd

Buy the Helm of Iron Will first. let it sit in the stash, cause it will take a valuable tp scroll slot if you keep it.
Same with the Platemail, finish that before getting Eaglesong.
If at any point you can outright buy Eaglesong (after you finish the pipe of course) do it, no point in trying to save that money twice.

Eaglesong - 2700g
Platemale - 1400g
Recipe - 600g

Build cost up to this point, 16378.

assuming you made 350g per minute
8 minutes for core
22 minutes for core+bloodstone
33 minutes for Pipe ( game should be over around here )
41 minutes to shivas

a fairly quick core, and all the items add a significant amount as you build them.

As a secondary note, if you buy Aghanin's scepter, when you steal an ult, it will be the upgraded version. even if the person you stole it from doesn't have a scepter.

Pretty funny stuff . :P

Reasons And Numbers

Well, you just read the item section and im sure your saying what the hell is that build?
ill tell you.

You steal Tidehunters ult. without being tanky you run into enemies to use it, and get insta gibbed. This build gives you the tankiness you need to get in there and start fights without dying it gives you the ability to support like a boss, you are a tanky caster.

Lore Break --
You think Rubick killed the other Magi to get his title without taking some of their spells to the face? with this build you can get into the fight and use your abilities (or their abilities, if you know what i mean) and not die instantly. you have high hp, you have armor, you have 2 forms of spell resistance. --

So you just built shivas, and have 6 stacks of Bloodstone, and 10 on your wand

+ 650 Mana ( with a 300MP Heal )
+ 250% Mana Regen (plus 6 per second via stacks of Bloodstone)
+ 500 HEalth ( with 550 hp heal, 150 burst, 400 over 8 seconds.)
+ 19 Health Per Second
+ 30 INT
+ 6 STR
+ 50% Spell Resist
+ 15 armor

On top of that, you have nice auras for your team, and good support heals and mana heals for everyone to keep them topped of after teamfights for pushing.

if you want kills, play a high dmg carry. if you want wins, you support your team and get assists, cause you are a support. Carries fed > Rubick fed. you can be underleveld and still play a big role because you steal spells, regardless of what level you are, you get their spells according to what level they are.

Supporting 101

You are supporting, it is your job to get the courier, add the wings and


It is your job above all else, to protect your carry. the number 1 way to do this, is everytime you back, or whenever you can. buy wards. you should always carry 2-4.

If the enemy team has those pesky invisible champs, buy a gem a true sight, it will save you more then once, and be well worth the money invested.

Did i mention wards?


I will include a picture of places to ward for bot and top lane, hopefully a video as well.
but i need to find them first.

You should have the wings to your courier either you finish the core build, or shortly thereafter.



Team fights

Picture this. the Enemy Bloodseeker is fed. he is lvl 16, most other players are 12-14. he ults your carry, you hit your carry with an urn to negate a litte bit of the dmg, and a wand to keep them up. you steal Bloods ult with R, then you W him so he does less dmg, and loses a bit of hp. when your team converges on him, you q him into the air and watch him get wailed on. you focus your attention to the enemy team running. you see their carry in range, and hit em with a lvl 3 Bloodseeker ult, killing the **** outta them if they run, secureing another kill for your team and if they dont run, you still secured that kill. As your team runs up lane, you urn another low hp champ, and use your boots to give mana to the casters.

This is the power of Rubick, in that short exchange, you saved a carry, and secured two kills for your team. then allowed them to capitalize on it by pushing.

With this build it is your job to make your pug live and win. You can intiate because most pugs are pansies and scared of taking any damage. you can keep team mates alive by lowering dmg of enemy physical carries, and AP carries by nature of your w and e respectively. you can lock up a squishy target, then use them to stun the rest of the enemy team. If the other team has a pesky ult to win champ, you can steal that ult and do it right back.

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