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RTZ Troll 7.16

June 9, 2018 by Pl3b
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Arteezy Troll

DotA2 Hero: Troll Warlord

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Wraith Band

Early Game

Ring of Aquila
Phase Boots
Magic Wand

Mid Game

Battle Fury
Black King Bar
Blink Dagger

Late Game

Monkey King Bar


Infused Raindrops

Chinese Fighting Troll

Mask of Madness
Sange and Yasha

Hero Skills

Berserker's Rage

4 8 9 11

Whirling Axes (Ranged)

1 13 14 16

Whirling Axes (Melee)

1 13 14 16


2 3 5 7

Battle Trance

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Battle Trance Dispels
-5s Whirling Axes​ Cooldown
+30 Damage
20% Evasion
+70 Whirling Axes Damage
+3 Max Fervor Stacks
+200 Health
+8 Agility

RTZ Troll 7.16

June 9, 2018


The latest Playstlye coming out of the Chinese Supermajor is a 'bursty' troll relying on instant initiation into permabash blowing up key targets to try and snowball teamfights.

This guide will be short and is not a begginer guide.


Begining with ranged form for the lane which allows you to keep your disance from those tanky offlaners who want nothing more then to trade with you. This lane build offers less kill potential and is more greedy but is also safer.

Past 10 minutes you want to switch from your safelane too your offlane pressure too tier 1 and teir 2 towers, farm the neutral camps when the lane is shoved and look to make plays for roshan. You'll need someone to tank the rosh for you until later levels, unless you opt for the MoM and yasha build.

Dodge fights untill you hit bkb, unless you have aegis. Once you have a blink dagger smoke as 5 and force a fight. Any squishy target will get absolutely blown up and there should be little counter play with you bkb popped. Chase down targets with ranged wirling axes and transition to objectives.

Arteezy seems to value the MKB even if the enemy core has not gone for evasion, this i beleive is because of the high attack speed of troll and the fact that MKB does pure damage now means that MKB does a substantial amount of damage and synergises with this burst damage playstyle.

Normally with Agility carrys Butterfly would be a prefered item however the enemy carry will probably be buying mkb anyway to deal with your evasion, and you already have the damage you need from your own MKB so satanic seems to be the best item. It gives great sustain and tanks you up alot. It gives you everything you lack at this point and a way to deal with prolonged engagements.

Closing Points

The problem with this build is it is quite greedy in this meta and troll is very vulnerable until bkb. However Trolls talents are very good which does make this style of play viable, especially in pub games where the other team might not group up to push fast enough.

Oh and the lvl 25 skill is extremly good. You can dispel most stuns/disables (the dream is silencer ulti),ruin the enemy initiation and the blink will allow you to still get the value from your attack speed.

Thats all from me Good Luck in your games.

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