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Rogue Knight Stands Ready (6.87)

May 8, 2016 by MetanoiAAA
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idk just go with it ig

DotA2 Hero: Sven

Hero Skills

Storm Hammer

1 3 5 7

Great Cleave

8 9 12 14


2 4 10 13

God's Strength

6 11 16


15 17 18

Rogue Knight Stands Ready (6.87)

May 8, 2016


Hello and welcome to my Sven build. Actually my first build in DOTAFire so please feel free to criticize or downvote or whatever you guys do down here.

I'm not exactly the best Sven player either so don't put high hopes on this.. I actually recommend checking out the other guides.


For starting game we get a Tango, Faerie Fire, 2 Iron Branches (GG branches to many players), a stout shield and an Enchanted mango. I know it takes out all 625 gold from you but its kinda the thing I do. I don't usually purchase healing salves or so because I just go in to get last hits and then come right back. And an entire tango set > healing salve.

Tangoes should provide any necessary healing. Faerie Fire gives a decent heal and gives bonus 2 damage which should help with last hitting. Branches for increase in stats which again helps with last hitting. A stout shield because a stout heart knows no fears. Enchanted Mango can be self explainatory (forgive my English if its bad).

If you're having a good lane where you can get enough last hits and such, then good job! Thank your supports if any (where I come from, all the supports steal your farm and then blame you for failing to carry [Ousef, if you are seeing this then I'm looking at you.] ) and proceed to get boots, quelling blade, and morbid. If you're dealing with a very aggressive lane with the enemy spamming their abilities (Bristleback, Batrider, PA, etc.), consider a magic stick into a magic wand. It will help you stay in lane once your out of tangoes and mangoes in such situations.

Once you have your boots, quickly finish your treads so you can start Tread Switching. A lot of new players overlook Tread Switching but if you're successful in this, you'll end up saving a TON of mana. I suggest leaving it on Strength while jungling or laning. Switch to Int before throwing your stun to save a little bit of mana, and remember that every little bit counts. I think Purge might have a video on this.

Once your Armlet is complete along with your Helm, you can start ganking or pushing or whatever strikes your fancy. But remember to farm for your BKB while you do it so that you can see your enemies running from you as soon as they see you in BKB, like, Sven is nearly unstoppable with his skills all activated and magic immune.

Once you got your core you can pretty much focus on ending the game really. As of situationals, if the game drags on for too long then get items which seems to fit in. You know, check the situation, see how it is, if your team doesn't have a tank then build heart and assault cuirass to soak up everything from your enemies. If your team's damage dealer doesn't do much damage then go daedalus and other stuff. If your so damn fat that you wanna have fun for a while just divine rapist and GG. Oh and Sange & Yasha is a good item to pick up mid game because the stat bonuses it gives along with the movement speed is priceless midgame. With the maim you can start kiting your enemies easily.

Two more things, the Mask of Madness or Helm of the Dominator thing, just go for what you feel is best. Mask can give you bonus attack speed and stuff but in turn you take more damage too which can be particularly dangerous late game. Whereas Helm to Satanic is a very good choice as it gives you armor bonus and some bonus hp regen. Satanic is just a free aegis technically.

And then, Daedalus or Bloodthorn. I don't know if many people have tried it but Bloodthorn is not a bad pickup on Sven because it gives a little bit of everything from attack speed to mana regen, and as we know it, Sven cries when it comes to Mana. Only downside I see is a lesser critical hit and a more expensive pickup compared to Daedalus. I'll leave this one up to you guys.


Sven has a very simple yet very effective skillset.


Your stun. The reason why many people hate Sven. Its an AOE Magic Missile (Vengeful) that does 325 damage at level 4 doing a 2 second stun, that's why I max it out as fast as I can.


A 66% cleave at level 4. Its just ridiculously insane. Oh and Battlefury stacks, giving you a cleave stronger than your normal right click (101% !!!)


Not Far Cry. This is an amazing ability that can help you with escapes at your laning stage because it gives a flat armor bonus along with a 12% movespeed bonus. It also makes you ridiculously tanky at level 4 (basically a second Assault Cuirass without the area armor debuff).


Sven's steroids. You take this and you do triple your base damage. That's right, TRIPLE. This is what makes Sven, Sven. Keep in mind that it only boosts according to your base damage, not the plus damage. So items like Heart are godsend.

Pros / Cons


+Decent AOE Stun
+Can be a good semicarry
+Can be a good carry
+Good ganker


- I'm so bad at this
- Mana heavy
- Can be outcarried by some other heroes
- Ultimate only amplifies base damage ( so no divine rapier x3 )

Ranked Play

Step 1 - Armlet
Step 2 - War cry
Step 3 - Stun
Step 4 - Ulti and BKB
Step 5 - Right click
Step 6 - if enemies ded, enjoy. if your ded, gg.

Team Work


pretty much any support with a disable.

CRYSTAL MAIDEN!!! SHE'S A GODDESS WHEN IT COMES TO SUPPORTS I MEAN SHE HAS EVERYTHING !!!! She has a mana regen aura which f***ing rules, she has a very good disable and she has a good nuke/slow. What's more to hate?

Shadow Shaman : Hex can get you all the kills you'll ever need.

Lion : The ultimate babysitter.

Lich : This guy is a monster too, he can get both of you some fast levels while also have a good nuke and a very decent buff.

Dazzle : self-explanatory.

Omniknight : self-explanatory #2


anyone that can outcarry him
ranged carries
terrible lane


Well thank you for spending time on this guide, I'm still very bad at this. Please comment on what I can improve on or if you have any suggestions or if you just want to criticize, I don't really care.

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