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~Roam To Victory with Cow~

February 6, 2020 by Ganks
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DotA2 Hero: Spirit Breaker

Hero Skills

Charge of Darkness

1 3 5 7


4 11 14 17

Greater Bash

2 8 9 10

Nether Strike

6 12 16 18



Hero Talents

+650 Health
+20% Greater Bash Chance
-5.5s Bulldoze Cooldown
+12% Greater Bash Damage
+40 Damage
+10 Health Regen
+4 Armor
+500 Night Vision

~Roam To Victory with Cow~

February 6, 2020

Why the Cow?

Hi there im Savvas a hardcore Support/roamming player And this is my first Spirit breaker guide
i hope u like it so check it out :)

So many ppl will Ask why should i play Spirit breaker? why is he so usefull
The answer is simple!

1)Spirit is a strong early hero with high dmg high stats and CC,also his engages are pretty strong cause not only u gain vision from the enemy u get your team to position to pick up a kill when they trade and the enemy think they have the upper hand ( Surprise )
2) There Is NO late game if there is no early game this is what i used to say at dota1 ( yea im kinda old ) when i was drafting so as long as u can have the advantage on killing/supporting/poking the enemies at early game you can prolly have it at mid and late game as well! So you be strong early and try to snowball for the mid and late game

What does It offers to the team (small tips)

I Used to play spirit as an all in hero who goes in does dmg and dies with blade mail well this is a good item when u re behind but most of the time im not so we play smart right now !
This hero provides Hero vision and rly high chance of picking enemies With your charge,
Also early on you can force enemy(s) tp(s) Usage by just charging and canceling as well when they have NO TP after you are free to move to a new lane and a new target this offers safe ganks with more ppl to the new ganking lane when the enemy well they USED tps to help in the previous lane we were about to gank but ... Well jokes on em!
His high stats and his W gives you rly big survivability for example you can prolly go in a target then something is going wrong and you face 3-4 enemies this is where your W comes in place you Use it just before u engage on your target to deal max dmg with your E and also you can run away from them pretty easy or even spend the enemies time till team's backup!

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