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Roam of euthanasia (1k to 6k+)

January 5, 2021 by givememore
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Build 1
Build 2

Roam with support items.

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

4 9 11 13


2 3 5 7

Shadow Walk

1 8 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+250 Track Gold
2 Shuriken Toss Charges
+50 Jinada Gold Steal
Track grants ground vision around the target
+50% Track Bonus Move Speed to allies
-30% Damage Taken in Shadow Walk
+30 Jinada Damage
+0.65s Shuriken Toss Slow

Roam of euthanasia (1k to 6k+)

January 5, 2021


Bounty hunter is a hero best played as a roam, he is very annoying to deal with, his invisibility is one of is signature move and one big reason of why he is very annoying to play against.

Start of game.

What I like to do is level invisibility at level 1, so I can steal the gold run while being invis.You can also go W at level 1 if you prefer to harass stronger at that level, but if they have 3 top you probably won't get the rune without invisiblity unless you want to sacrifice yourselve or your offlaner for it.

With orb of venom your auto attack early game will be extremely annoying for your opponent.Add to that the extra damage from jinada and they will understand quickly why BH is a very annoying hero.

Once level 3 or even 2, I like to move out of lane and gank other lanes, check if mid lane is a no mobility hero, with orb of venom and shadow walk he won't be able to get away that easyly with that many slows.If it doesn't work check your safe lane and see if you can do something else here or try mid again.BH can snowball very hard but without getting kills or extra gold early you won't make that much of an impact early. But once you are level 6 with your track ability, even if it's just for the track ability, you will be of use at all point of the game. Don't forget to buy the xp book, you will really need it.

Mid game.

Just keep tracking everything you see, if you are ahead, you can try to buy a gem or blue ward to deward their jungle to be sure no one is near when you are trying to make a play.Depending on their team composition you might need to buy a pipe, which isnt a bad thing, make you very tanky to magic damage, and pipe should probably be bought every game in my opinion, so you building it while fixing one of your big weakness which is being very fragile make it one of the best item to buy on bh.

You can also choose to go more of a carry way, urn imo is one of his best item since you will roam alot and get a lot of kills on the map, will help a lot for your early game damage into a medallion sange/yasha/bkb. With those items you will be very strong dmg dealer while also having very good mobility with the move speed from yasha and talent with phase boots active, you will be almost impossible to catch unless they have a very hard stun engage without you having a chance to activate your bkb.

The way I like to play BH though, which is imo the best way, is to go full supports items, like Medallion/urn/pipe/vladimir's/lotus/cuirass/scythe.You already have more than enough decent damage with track and W proc on squishy targets, you don't need more damage to be useful, you just need to be tanky enough to live fights longer and help your team have vision/extra gold on everybody on the team with track and your items.

Late game.

With all the extra gold from your W and track you will probably have more than enough gold to buy the late game items of your choice, I like cuirass alot if you don't have it already to help your team even more while making you tanky.

Buy gem to clear every wards in their jungle if you didn't yet, important fights will happen , you need to not be jumped on if you think you saw somebody and have a good gank on the way, I really like scythe on bh late game , it is just so useful to make plays coming out of stealth and sheeping somebody right away to kill him in a sec before him having time to use his bkb, I think late game as BH you can really be the playmaker and the game changer.

What talents and skills to level.

I Used to max Q first and play him with dagon5, it was very fun and can probably still work, but I don't think it,s very viable in real try hard games.Just max W for the extra gold steal in lane and damage harass, also don't take mana so you won't have a mana prob as bad as if you maxed your Q 1st.I then like to put at least another point in invisiblity so it last long enough to not break too quick and having to use too much mana on it, after that you can choose if you want to go more damage on q or get a stronger slow on your stealth.

For talents,it depends how you builded him

Level 10: Move speed is good if you need more mobility vs some kind of heros and to chasse, I still prefer the more xp talent to get my late game quicker.

Level 15: here again, if you went more of a carry build attack speed will be better, but bh big weakness is being very fragile, going extra xp with items like pipe/lotus will make you very tanky and super useful while still being a good damage dealer with track/w/q combo.

Level 20:I prefer the gold, 125 damage at level 20 on your q won't be that much if they have magic resist and alot of HP.

Level 25:If they have a lot of auto attack hero and you're the target very often and still die, I would usggest going the evasion talent, but if you are fine and aren't dying at that point of the game, just go gold talent to get your team more late game items.

End notes.

Bounty hunter is a very fun hero to play and very rewarding once you get the feeling of how to roam well, it will probably take a lot of games played( or not if you get the feel right away )but in the end, it is really worth the time to know how to play him well, roaming hero like him is not a playstyle for everybody so it's fine if you can't get the feel at the start, just play him often and soon enough you will get an instinct that make BH a very good and game changing hero.

Enjoy the kills and the rage!

Here is my dotabuff:

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