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riki with survivability

December 8, 2012 by hidrojen
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standard carry build

DotA2 Hero: Riki

Purchase Order


before lvl 6


your essential luxury

avoid them

Hero Skills

Smoke Screen

3 8 9 10

Blink Strike

2 12 13 14

Cloak and Dagger

1 4 5 7

Tricks of the Trade

6 11 16


15 17 18

riki with survivability

December 8, 2012

who is riki

Riki is invisibility based melee super squishy carry hero. riki has the fourth best agility point at max level after (pl, drow with ulti and morphling with morph). Riki has an ability name BACKSTAB If Riki attacks from behind bonus damage is applied based on his current agility ,at max level 1.25 times your agility adds your damage. best part of this skill bonus damage cannot be evaded. its like deadalus with 100% percent chance

meaning of this skill you must have so much agility and your enemies have to go back to you

Why are my enemies have to go back to me? because of your first skill name SMOKE SCREEN. silencing and slowing enemy units in an area while causing them to miss on most attacks in AOE, people tries to escape this area while riki attacks from behind.

AM I need to chase enemies?
you actually need not. diffusal blade provides purge ability to slow enemies, sange and yasha provides increased movement speed and maim chance and you have blink strike which deals magical damage also synergies with etheral blade

item explanation

PMS or SS provides to you damage block so essential in early levels

magic wand boost your survivability in early levels also gives so much mana

Treads: gives 30 attack speed plus 8 stats. switch it int when casting , switch agi when attacking or using regeneration item, switch it str when escaping

diffusal blade: in addition to plus 24 agi and 20 mana burn damage it also allows him to remove buffs from his enemies, and debuffs from himself most importantly the Dust of Appearance,track, amplify damage debuff. actually mana burn is not necesarry in the late game .Removing Blur from PA, Removing Drunken brawler from Brewmaster, Removing Essence aura from Destroyer and removing MoM active from any str hero makes them weaker

Butterfly :in fact it need not explanation, 30 agi 30 damage total 60 attack speed and 35% evasion. boost your damage and gives some survivability. with smoke screen at 4 level riki has 80 percent evasion .

S&Y provides to riki 16 agility 16 damage 16 str 42,6 movement speed

Abyssal blade gives you bash chance and overwhelm ability which is 2 second stun and goes through magic immunity. riki can kill every hero with 2 seconds disable and possible maim bash chance

Ethereal blade: 40 agility 10 str and 10 int makes riki death machine also 575 nuke damage at 25 level with full item is nice and 80 percent slow is terrible for them . using it against Void&Phantom assassin saves your life from terrible situation. 90 damage with backstab and 40 attack speed better than mkb's 88 damage and 15 attack speed. IT also cheaper than mkb


Phase boots makes you visible

Mask of Madness when activating causes you to take extra 30% damage also makes you visible, riki has good attack speed he needs only agility for damage and some hp for survive

Radiance: enemies says to that "We are burning but there is no visible hero let use dust or sentry ward" oh there is a riki stun him, he is died, easy kill for us but we playing against idiot super mega noob riki player we will win this game

Vlads: Riki is invisiblity based carry hero so he should not have any aura. if you really need lifesteal go for Satanic it overrides mana burn but mana burn is useless in the late game

Shadow blade: I sometimes see shadow blade on riki. 30 damage and 30 attack speed 10 percent movement speed for 3000 gold maybe good but invisibility wasted

Assault Cuirass -5 armor aura for enemies forces them use dust charges

Black King Bar not only makes you visible but also you have aoe silence you need not this item. Wait your allies for engagement and set your smoke no enemy cannot cast a spell this perod

Divine Rapier if riki buys rapier, enemies sees the attention "riki bought rapier" so they buys gem instantly. if enemies buys gem riki shuts down.


Linken's sphere if enemy has too much poweful single target spells such as(doom,laguna blade, finger of death) linken's is conceivable item, it also gives mana&hp regenaration and good stats

Monkey king bar backstab damage can not be evaded!!! if enemy carry has butterfly/heaven halberd
use owerwhelm ability and cut their throats from behind. Dont Buy MKB unless 2-3 hero has evasion in enemy team. if you really need mkb, buy it instead of ethereal blade

what will happen if you got this items

your str will be 106 so your hp 2500

your agility will be 252 so your armor will be 36
your increased attack speed will be 327 its about 2,51 attack per second
attack time 0,398 seconds
abyssal blade gives 100 raw damage, butterfly gives 30 raw damage, sange gives 12 raw damage, diffusal blade burns 36 mana

so your normal damage 252+100+30+12+36=430 .
with backstab bonus damage 252*1,25+100+30+12+36=745

your damage per second is with backstab 745*2,51=1871 (its more than sven full item with his ulti)

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