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Right way to play Slark. Ganker/ROamer

December 14, 2012 by crackhead125
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

2 12 13 14


1 4 9 10

Essence Shift

3 5 7 8

Shadow Dance

6 11 16


15 17 18

Right way to play Slark. Ganker/ROamer

December 14, 2012


I will be brief because Slark is not hard to play but for some reason people are terrible with him. Slark is a roamer/ganker who can be a semi carry late in game if he gets enough kills and farm. Basically you want attack speed, lots and lots of attack speed. His passive is his bread and butter and when you get it maxed with a .35 attack speed you are converting three of every one of their stats into agility 2-3 times a second.

For some reason I see so many Slark's rushing a Vlad's....Fail. Why do people get Vlad's? Slark doesn't have high attack damage for 16% more isn't helping much. The other reason is the mana regen, since Slark has such low stat gains people feel he needs more mana regen. This is wrong. People who spam dark pact need mana regen, people who use pact to cleanse themselves do not need mana regen. The other item I question on Slark is vanguard. Truly a situational item in my opinion. If they do not have a auto-attack heavy team, or if they do no focus you, vanguard is not worth the gold. IF you get focus and need the hp and the block go for the vanguard, but this is a choice you should know at the selection screen.

I start out getting the poor man's first to cut back on harass if you are taking damage. Slark has very low starting damage so a quelling blade might be a better choice if you are going against melee as range are likely to harass you more. I prefer the shield because my last hitting is up to par. Mid is where you want to be so you can get the level advantage that a roamer needs. Last hitting is very important because he needs attack speed to be effective.

Play safe until level 6 when you get your ult, then it doesn't matter if you take some damage from harass or creeps because you can step back for a few seconds and regen your lost hp. You want your shield, and boots before you start to gank, if you are playing with pubs get your life steal mask too, this should be easy to get mid if you are last hitting well.

Try to get your gank's set up, with proper positioning, wait till they are over extended etc. you need to get a leash on them then attack away, converting their stats to agility for yourself. If you are in a carries lane make sure he gets the kill because the assist gold is going to be more than enough for yourself.

Mask of Madness!!! once you have this item you can run around ganking non-stop. Get in a good position, leash, MoM, Ulti = them dead. MoM combo'd with your ult i amazing, you get hp regen if you need it, and they cannot target you so the increased damage is negated and the attack speed means you are hitting more and in turn draining more stats.

From this point on it is roam and gank. Be around for team fights and DO NOT INITIATE. If you initiate, you will die. Stack as much attack speed as possible. If you have enough kills and assists to get the items you need you can be a powerful semi-carry, when you have more agility than Drow Ranger you become a boss. Slark is not hard to play but people fail. This is how I play him, how I feel you should play him and the role I feel he bests fits.

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