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Rexxar - The Ultimate Animal

April 2, 2012 by TheManofSteal
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Beastmaster

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Hero Skills

Wild Axes

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Call of the Wild Hawk

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Call of the Wild Boar

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Inner Beast

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Primal Roar

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Rexxar - The Ultimate Animal

April 2, 2012


Beastmaster is a Ganker, Support, and a Semi-carry hero that can turn team fights in your favor by just using his ultimate. In this guide I will teach you how to use him.


This build Does Not guarantee wins, but it will help you get some ;D


Wild Axes


This is your bread and butter skill use it properly
and you will own early game without losing too much mana.


Always cast this in front of your enemies so both of the axes will hit.

Call of the Wild


One of the best skills used to scout and gank enemys.
It summons a Hawk and a Boar.


is used for scouting enemies and runes.


is used for ganking because of it's slow.

Inner Beast


I really don't get this skill early as it provides attack speed
which is good at late game when your carry is strong.

Primal Roar


Your ultimate, it always ensures a kill in a gank.
And it is also used to destroy the whole enemy team in a team fight.

The Game

Early Game A.K.A. The Laning Phase

in this part of the game you should focus on last hitting
and deny creeps as much as possible.
Tips in Early Game
1.Try not to spam Wild Axes as much as possible as it costs a boat load of mana.
2.Always use yourCall of the Wild for Scouting Runes and For Harrassing Enemies.
Always think of it as a free ward. Use that to your advantage.
3.Always lane with Heroes with Disables


Crystal Maiden
Vengeful Spirit
Shadow Shaman

with these Heroes you will most certainly get First Blood.

The Middle Game

Ahhh yes The Middle Game, this is when you will shine most

In this part of the game your priority is to Scout with your Call of the wild
and gank those heroes with your Ult. Primal Roar

Tips in Middle Game
1.Always open a Gank with your Primal Roar and the Boar from Call of the wild
2.Coordinate with your team for a more succesful gank.
3.Last Hit!! Never forget to farm.

The Late Game

This is the part where the team fights will mostly happen. Use your Ult. correctly and BOOM! the enemy's carry will rage like hell. :)
Tips in Late Game
1.Always be with your Team
2.Defend your Towers using your Wild Axes
3.Always Participate in team fights
4.Prioritize on attacking the Enemy carry

Notable carries are:

Drow Ranger

Oh and don't forget to buy Town Portal Scroll
1.It's gonna save your life
2.Used for Defending Towers


Still Under construction

oh yeah I forgot to thank Voltzy's Guide his guide did help me building this guide check his Guide

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