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ReTro.Death`Note sick AlcheMiST guide 06/08/2014

August 15, 2014 by LighT 1.618
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Build 1
Build 2

Beast Mode Farming Machine

DotA2 Hero: Alchemist

Purchase Order

Main Build

Power Treads
Sange and Yasha
Abyssal Blade
Assault Cuirass
Heart of Tarrasque

Starting items if laning

Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Quelling Blade
Gauntlets of Strength

Starting items if Jungling

Stout Shield
Quelling Blade

Other viable items

Armlet of Mordiggian
Blink Dagger
Eye of Skadi
Heaven's Halberd
Medallion of Courage
Mask of Madness
Phase Boots
Pipe of Insight
Shadow Blade
Shiva's Guard
Vladmir's Offering

Hero Skills

Acid Spray

2 4 7 8

Unstable Concoction

9 10 12 13

Greevil's Greed

1 3 5

Chemical Rage

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi my Handle is ReTro.Death`Note and i am 24 yours old. I am not good with fancy features, i will keep adding stuff/ edit and add visualization.

Alchemist is generally a carry strength hero which can be built/ skilled into a carry or even a tank for the team. He can be played as Safe lane carry, Jungler and Mid lane with the outstanding power of making the enemey's hero go away with Acid spray.

Alchemist before lvl 6 "1 to 5" is gerenally weak and cant achieve that much because of the low health/ low hp regen/ and not much of an armor. His power starts to get better and stronger at 6 " Chemical Rage LVL1 ", 7 " max stun or max acid ", 11 " Chemical Rage LVL2 " and 16 " Max Chemical Rage LVL3 ".

things can straight up destroy alchemist, heroes who have silence or hex ability or items which silence and hex like orchid or scythe of vyse. Also, being stunned when you are off Chemical Rage + not having regen items like vangaurd or hood of defiance.

Skill Build 1 and 2 explaination

Build 1: Maxing Greevil's Greed > Acid Spray > Unstable concoction > Chemical Rage > Stats

This build focuses purely on gold per min income and farming outrageously. Greevil's Greed for the extra gold and the early maxing Acid Spray to increase farm and easy creeps kills.

Build 2: Unstable concoction > Maxing Greevil's Greed > Acid Spray > Chemical Rage > Stats

This build is for early ganks / kills. maxing unstable concoction helps secure kills, also the damage is really great maximum of 360 damage to heroes. This build is for people who like to be aggressive and prioritise damage and kills instead of gold/xp.

Item choices explaination + other

1-Power Treads:

makes up for low hp pool and slow attack speed. More hits more DPS, it would out DPS phase boots in the long run. more tanky-ness. +30 attack speed. you can get +8 str/agi/intel stats.


more damage, more movement speed, more attack speed, more agility and strength. Greater Miam, Basically slowing your opponent and slowing his attack speed. really great in melee range fights " as you know you are melee so".


Insane attack speed, `Nuff said. Attack speed and damage and lighting chain helps you farm like crazy. " Battlefury is another alternative if you dont prefer Mjollnir".

4-Skull Basher > Abbysal Blade:

Adds huge *** damage like 100 dmg, its so worth it, adds little strength and most importantly bashes. awesome for 1v1s and time to pwn nubs

Now you can get Roshan easily and in less than 1 min

5- ***ult Cuirass:

Hmm.. Holy ****, This item is so ****ing great, Makes up for the little armor Alch has.
more attack speed and **** ton of armor... real good for alch trust me and you cant skip this items.

6-Heart of Tar***que:

This item is essential for strength hero. More strength more damage, keep that in mind
+40 strength is insane and huge for alchemist. Never skip this item ever.
Adds tons of tanki-ness.

Situational Items:

Hand Of Midas:

If am solo on lane, No big No.
If dual on lane, with a support, then big yes, getting recipe before gloves of haste is much better. because you save time buying gloves of haste from the side shop. and i get midas almost always, every game

Tranquil boots:

The other team is super aggressive? both ranged and they keep right clicking you all game?
tranquil boots is the solution and you can always sell and but your preferred kind of boots

Phase boots:

If you like more damage "+24" and MS. but again as i said power treads out DPS phase in the long run.

Vladimir Offering/ Mask of Madness / Helm of Dominator > Satanic:

They are great Stats/insane lifesteal/ armor. but with Alch he has enough hp + Chemical Rage is more than enough regen for either HP or Mana.

BKB / Pipe of Insight:

if there is lots of magical spells / stuns and you dont want to be interrupted and you want to escape safely, get this.

Escape items:

1- Blink

2- Lothar " Shadow Blade"

3- Force staff

Alternative to AC AKA Tankability: Shivas guard. great for slowing down enemy as well as run away. Also, Vangaurd nice hp regen as well as 40% block and 80% chance to proc. OR, Mekanism, good Regen, Active +250 HP instant regen, + armor. this item is not bad if you wanna help your team mates

Mana/ armor issues: Not that alch has mana issue but maybe early game

1-Soul ring + Ring of Basilius OR

2-Bottle + ring of Basilius OR

3-Medalion of Courage

But for me I dont get any of these items cause i just manage my mana and make sure i have mana for stun or acid spray for the right time to secure the kill or make my enemy go away and enjoy the gold/xp while they lose gold/xp

TIP: if i am going for - Armor reduction strat then i max acid + get medalion of courage.

General plan for the game from Early game through the last game

Early Game:

-Try to focus more on farm, if you can get Hand of Midas then go for it but make sure you have good support, he can pool you tango clarity and tanks some of the damage as well as make space " harras the enemy resulting that the enemy back away from the creeps"

-Make sure you lane equilibrium near your tower. how is that benefit you ? well you are very safe near your own tower, you get more last hits because you wont have messed up lane. easier to get lhs and focus on the game and you dont have to worry about getting ganked.

-**** i dont have any kills " or have 2-3 deaths already". No problem alchmeist strength isnt early game. dont worry about not getting kills at all. you will out farm all the heroes on the map if done correctly esp if u have midas.

Mid Game:

- Now, you should start getting the good items as i mentioned in the previous chapter. start securing kills.

- Play smart, push lanes, get towers destroyed. and make sure you farm jungle. so you can get your items and get your GPM EXPM higher

-Get roshan every Cool down. the more you get aegis the better and might even win you the game simply just like that.

Late Game:








Tips and tricks In-Depth + Replay example


Unstable Concoction: To get the most out of this ability and max damage, is to let the counter get low as 1.5 Secs left. you will get all of 360 damage


To avoid stuns and projectiles use Chemical rage " any LVL " Pressing the ultimate when the stun/ projectile is close to you.


To get the most out of Greevil's Greed, Dont let more than 25 secs between each creeps/heroes. that way your extra gold wont drop to its lowest, that way you can get +30 gold for every creep thats like damn son, the fastest farmer in the game. put that in use


Use Power Treads to its full potential, use its switch ability. For instance. you want to regen faster while you are in base or using bottle or even use a salve, switch it up to Agility because you have the lost Mana pool and health pool when its in agility mode.
Also, Switch to intelligence before you use ability, you say why? because when you switch to intelligence you have more mana, so you will end up having more mana left vs if keep it on strength or agility.

Go to Watch Tab in Dota 2, then Click on Filter, then type in 819309785 in the Match ID field.

Download and watch the game. this is a good example how alch should be played.
OR download it from



My other Guide: Axe guide
make sure you take a look and vote please! thank you

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