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Refresher Orb Tidehunter with gameplay video

March 29, 2012 by Realister
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Refresher Orb Tidehunter

DotA2 Hero: Tidehunter

Hero Skills


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Kraken Shell

3 12 13 14

Anchor Smash

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6 11 16


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Refresher Orb Tidehunter with gameplay video

March 29, 2012


Hello this is my Refresher Tide guide and I have been having lots of fun with it. As the video shows near the end.

My Stats with Tide -

Video Guide I made for this build -


This is NOT a pure support build. For this to work properly you HAVE TO let your teammates know that you are taking farm and somebody else should pick a hard support and buy wards, smokes, dusts etc.
Farming Refresher on Tide is not an easy task. If you are new to Tidehunter practice first.

Target Times:

Persevearance Ring @ around 20m
Oblivion Staff @ around 25m
Refresher Orb @ around 30-35m

Don't forget you are not that tanky, when your refresher+ult is up try to stay back a little because the enemy team will focus you eventually.



*Early game core*

Arcane boots, Bracers, Bracers, Ring of Regen, 2 TP scrolls

*Mid game core*

Arcane boots, 2x bracers, Refresher Orb, 2 TP scrolls

*Late game core*

Arcane boots, Drums of Endurance, Refresher orb, 2 tp scrolls, Null Talisman. (if you have the only arcane on your team)


Lane with a ranged hero. Take anchor at lvl 1 and max it as fast as you can. Try to harass the enemy and take last hits at the same time with your Anchor Smash. We do not priotirize Gush because its not spammable.

As soon as you are lvl 6, try to get a kill or assist asap that will help u build the Ring of Regen. Once u get it you can leave lane and go jungle. Always have tp with you and as soon your ult is up, use it and try to get an assist or get a kill yourself. Also TP if your towers need defending. Make sure to let your team know about your intentions and make sure they do not team fight without you.

Your combo after getting refresher.

R > arcane > E > Refresher > R > arcane > E > Q

Pros / Cons


    Double Ravage can disable the whole enemy team for close to 8 seconds (if executed correctly)
    If you manage to pull off the complete combo you will deal close to 1500 damage

    Not as tanky
    Sometimes focused hard
    Needs to stay back after getting refresher to guarantee double utli.

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