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Razor, The Specialist

March 8, 2013 by MOJO
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Build 1
Build 2

Range Killer

DotA2 Hero: Razor

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Healing Salve
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Ring of Protection

Core Starter

Magic Wand
Tranquil Boots
Phase Boots

Core Mid Game

Aghanim's Scepter

Fall Back Item


> 50% Optional

Black King Bar

Late Game


Special Mention

Shadow Blade


Blade Mail
Ghost Scepter
Heaven's Halberd

Hero Skills

Plasma Field

1 3 5 7

Static Link

4 8 9 10

Storm Surge

2 12 13 14

Eye of the Storm

6 11 16


15 17 18

Razor, The Specialist

March 8, 2013


The all time everybody's favourite Anti-Carry. This guy is uniqie is terms of definite role. He's not a pure support, not definite ganker nor pure carry. He will be an awesome pusher once he has Scepter. He also has another role qhich is the carry stomper, but in order to do that, you will need be able to survive the teamfight. Razor must stick close to the enemy which he is linked with and he must be in the midst of teamfight similar to Necrolyte, so survival is #1 Priority for Razor.

Skill Build

Now, razor doesn't have 1 skill build that must be prioritize over others(naming Sven's Storm Bolt, Venge's maggic missile. There are 2 skills that can be prioritize interchangeably. One is Static Link and another being Plasma Field

Build #1 Range Killer Build:
This is probably the standard build for surviving & harassing. In this build, you prioritize in Plasma Field to get the most harass out of it. Nothing special about this build. Static Link should be next prioritize since it's such an awesome skill and must not be miss.

Build #2 Melee Killer Build:
This is the build that I used mostly if I'm to go mid against a melee Hero. This build prioritize in Static Link because if you're facing a melee hero, he will surely need to step in close where you can just suck out all of his dmg, rendering him pitiful for 18-26 seconds. The cooldown for Static Link is only 25 seconds so you can use it again pretty fast with only 20-50 mana costs!!!.
Possible melee mid that you might be facing:BloodseekerNight StalkerDoomNyx AssassinSlarkClockwerkTinyGondarKunkkaBeast Master - He's hard to fight against because of his little pig + Wild Axe. Don't be too agressive or you'll find yourself in your own grave.Pudge - be very careful when dealing with this guy mid. You might find yourself in trouble if not careful because this guy rely on hook/rot to damage you. If walking in the open, you're sure find yourself broken down into a scrap of metal.

Special Mention:Templar Assassin - You will utterly rape Templar Assassin 1v1 mid. Refraction will help her get on pars with you but still not enough to beat the hell out of you. You will instead rip her of all of her damages and render her from farming & getting items. You probably won't get to kill her due to Refraction Shield.
Unstable Current:
This passive skill is great but must not be prioritize over other 2. Depends on the game, you might not need to level this at all until your first 2 skills max out. If they have a lot of stun/slow with single target spell, be sure to put one point into it to purge them out. Example such as Venomancer poison will not activate Unstabble Current since it's not a single target spell.

Item Build

Now, this is all up to preferences. Neither of them outweighs each other by large. I prefer Tranquil Boots due to the fact that I find myself losing HP most of the time after a gank of a fight it has 75 boost in movespeed, a lot and is good enough for chasing. Phase Boots on the other hand when activates, grant you the highest speed of all boots, best for chasing + it gives you +24 damage. I find that my damange will come from Static Link anyway so +24 damage is quite irrelevant. Again, this is all up to preferences.
You will need sort of regen in both mana & HP. Since you'll be sparming at least 2 spells that will cost quite a bit of mana(Plasma Field + Eye of Storm). Get a bottle if nobody gets it but magic stick should be a must at least.
This will be your main goal for mid game. Scepter will gives you majority of the things you'll need. HP/Mana + Increase in power of Eye of Storm(It will have faster rate of lightning strike + IT WILL DMG STRUCTURE!!). This is why Razor will become a great pusher. You will have a decent amount of HP to tank it + pushing capability. Should you fail early game, turn yourself to Vanguard instead otherwise you'll become the enemy's personal bank.
This is >50% of the time a must. You're rarely find a game without a stun. BKB will increases your survivalbility by topnotch. No magic will penetrates you = Static Link without interruption FTW!. Since you'll need to be in the midst of all spell, this is basically no-brainer.
Usually you should have already end the game but if not, then Butterfly should be your next time to increases yet another survivalbility + DMG & ASPD, turning you into a Semi-Carry for late game.

Optional Items:: Only get this if you have enough HP to hold against their carries/their main DMG(Around 1500 HP+)
: If you think you'll be target a lot and Blademail isn't gonna work because their carries will punch you real hard, this is what to get + you can use Static Link while their physical dMG are aiming for you
I rarely get this but it's useful, I myself never really actually get it before with Razor so you're welcome to try it out.

Special Mention:
: This item has great Synergy with Eye of Storm and a little with Static Link. You can use Static Link and then go invisible to avoid being attack while sucking out the enemy DMG and break out of invisibility with a whooping dmg when you think you're safe to beat their face. I do highly recommend this item against public gamers since public people are mostly selfish and usually will buy a little sentry wards/dusts or gem. But if you're up against a team of 3+ people, don't take this item into account since experienced players will constantly buy wards/dusts and gem 24/7.

Last Words

Razor is not difficult to play but also not easy to play because he's not a typical stereotype in any role. Remember, he doesn't have any disables or escape mechanism, so watch out because he dies easily early game because of low HP. Most important thing, Razor needs to prioritize in survivability, if he can't survive at least 5-8 seconds in the battlefield, then he's as good as dead. Eye of Storm & Static Link is skill/second type so he needs to survive.

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