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Raze guide

October 21, 2014 by ddev001
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Raze Guide

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

Raze guide

October 21, 2014

Chapter Title

This guide is only for anyone who wants to master shadow razes.

We all know that Q W & E Razes has different cast range, Q = 200, W = 400, E = 600.

But keep in mind, Q raze does not only hit units in 200 range in front of you,
but it extends up to 400 units away from you, so it means the Q raze may hit units in 200-400 range away from you, same as W raze, it can hit units up to 400-600 away, and so do as E raze, it can reach up to 600-800 range.

So use this guide to help you measure the kind of raze you need for each distance if one raze is unavailable. Like if if you are fighting enemy in 600 range, and you used your E raze already, you don't have to move closer to hit it with letter W raze, since 1-2 actions is crucial in a 1st blood or face to face hero fights.

Use this guide well to help you improve your raze capability and can maximize your razes with out wasting much Mana over nothing...

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