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Ranked (team) guide to LC

December 27, 2014 by Potato Jesus
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

5 7 8 9

Press the Attack

2 4 10 12

Moment of Courage

1 3 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Ranked (team) guide to LC

Potato Jesus
December 27, 2014

TL:DR Guide to Legion Commander

Introduction to Legion Commander

Legion Commander is one of the best snowballing heroes, surpassed only by tusk.

Early game

-In the early game, you want to have a support (preferedly with a stun/disable/nuke)laning with you. If you are jungling, stack small camps and avoid hellbears/birds until you are lv 7.
-If you are laning, get your support to stack the easy/medium camps. Say please.

Mid Game

When you get your ult, get your support to bait an enemy towards you. DO NOT DUEL until you are sure you will win the duel. The first duels are the most important, as they will give you your very much needed damage and income for your blink/blademail.
Once you get your blink/blademail combo, you can try to seek out supports of squishy heroes.

How to deal with annoying heroes

Be wary of heroes with point-target stuns like Lina, as she can interupt your duel and pervent you from getting your damage. The best solution to this would to buy a BKB.
Before duelling a hero like PA, make sure you have a blademail. The damage PA outputs with her crit can be more then her health. So activate your blademail and make her kill herself. In lategame, buy a halberd (or mkb if PA has BKB which will probably happen)

Pros / Cons


-Very good snowballer
-Good carry
-Moment of courage OP
-Can jungle from lv 1
-Fast (320ms)
-Can combo very well with heroes like pudge
-Can go anywhere (Offlane, Mid, Safelane, Jungle) effictively
-Good candidate for Aegis


-Needs a good start
-Can feed damage to enemy heroes
-Requires good decision making to play effictively
-Is nothing without damage from ult
-Needs a good support (CM, Ogre, etc) in lane
-Needs team with good communication

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