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Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker a quick guide

March 5, 2012 by Dempsy Roll
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Enchant Totem



2 8 9 10

Echo Slam

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker a quick guide

Dempsy Roll
March 5, 2012


Raigor is one of the best initiators in the game. Early on he usually plays as a stunner in a dual- or tri-lane or roams - the terrain block from fissure allows early kills in certain situations. If he lanes, he's trying to get a blink dagger ASAP; when he roams, he sacrifices some farm speed to give his team an advantage. Either way, once he has his dagger, he can cause devastation with blink-ult and keep enemies stunned for a long time with follow-up Enchant Totems and Fissure.

Unit-targeting fissure can guarantee a sure hit, but at the cost of worse placement/blocking.

Enchant Totem is for triggering Aftershock - don't bother with the damage.

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