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"You Got Peeped"

June 15, 2012 by XXXLegendOfTheLeagueXXX
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Main Build

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills




2 4 8 9

Take Aim

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18


Hello!!! this is Deadghosty and welcome to my sniper guide.

After having more then 100 sniper games total under my belt including Dota 1 And Dota 2 i will tell you the ins and outs of sniper.

Intro to him: Sniper really isn't the sorta hero that has that "Wow" factor. He really isn't special in one way or another. Many players skip over him because he seems dull. And sniper is not one of those heroes that recovers easily after being ganked a lot. His abilities are based on regular attack damage that being Headshot and Take Aim. That being said he is really item dependent if not the most out of any hero.

Important: If you are very new to the game i suggest staying away from sniper until you get everything down. Although he seems like a noob hero is he more complex then you think.

Pros / Cons

Good Late Game
Long Range
Good Harassment
Good Finisher
Good Lane Control

Easy to get ganked
No Escape early game
Slow move speed
Item dependent


-> This ability is only good for if you want to tower push. other then that it really has no other use as it uses up your mana and does not have enough slow, damage, or aoe.
-> Really nice ability when it procs. Does a ministun and extra damage. Late game you will see this proc a lot and it will be helpful vs channeling spells in team fights. Early on is good too, since you do low damage early game so its a nice damage boost.
-> This is snipers best ability. This will ensure your safety by staying far away from combat and early game for amazing harassment.
-> This ability will ensure that your escaping foe won't get away. It provides true sight so invis heroes won't get away. Note: Try not to use this ability when they have the exact amount of hp left to the damage your ability will do. The reason for this is that you have to take magic resistant in accountability and you will most likely leave them with low hp. For instance: Assassinate level 1 does 355 magic damage. i normally don't shoot it until their about 250 hp or less, most of the time this will guarantee the kill.


> this will help you early on with the stats bonus you get from them.
-> Helps in survival
-> Helps to get out of sticky situations and also a nice damage boost.
-> really good item on sniper. helps in damage and survivability. If your going to build this make sure you get Yasha first as it will give you move speed bonus.
-> Phase boots will help you get around faster and also give you extra damage.

Late Carry Items: I'm not going to list every single late game item as they all do pretty much the same thing and that's to increase damage output.

Early Game 1-5

I prefer to go middle as sniper as it the most preferred lane for him. If you have good supports on your team they should have warded runes so rune control will be no problem. Early on you should focus on: Denying, Last Hitting, Harassing the other hero, and and not getting hit.

Middle Game 6-11

Middle game you should be doing the same thing as early game. Now that you have your ultimate you can start to gank bottom or top but only do so if you can get the kill. Normally at this point i start to kill the hero in the middle due to them having low hp from me harassing them. If your going to gank do it as safe as possible. you don't wanna get caught in the river as you have no escape mechanisms. You can also roam around and help push towers if you would like.

Late game 12-25

Late game you should start participating in team ganks and fights. Also start to push towers with your team. At this point on you should have your: Phase boots, Manta or shadow blade, 2 bands, and a magic wand. When participating in team fights make sure you stay back as you will most likely get targeted. Make sure to target their carries first as they will be doing damage. A common mistake is to shoot the tanks and the supports, even though it might seem like it they are not the ones doing damage.


Thanks again for reading my guide, hope you all enjoyed it.

I would love to see some feedback from you guys to see how it went, last time i went this build i went 21-1

Farewell and have a great time at the shooting gallery.

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