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"Whatever they brought, it won't be enough." Legion Commander Guide

December 16, 2013 by _Uber_Noob_
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Build 1
Build 2

In the jungle the mighty jungle

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

4 9 10 12

Press the Attack

2 8 13 14

Moment of Courage

1 3 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

"Whatever they brought, it won't be enough." Legion Commander Guide

December 16, 2013


Hey everyone out there brave enough to read this and dim witted enough to try it out! My name is Uber_Noob and I've had a love-hate relationship with DotA for a while now. This being my first guide I'm hoping all goes well and from that we'll see how things pan out about more guides. You have been warned.

Pros / Cons

* Jungling with her is ****** proof.
* Snowballs like a ***** from level 6.
* Easy switch from support to carry.
* Going support isn't going to make you limp wristed thanks to her ulti.
* Feel like the leetest player ever in pubs.
* Solo Roshan with ease.

* Needs somethings to get you into combat fast.
* Unti backfires when used wrong.
* CC will ruin your day.
* Dive prone.


Legion Commander has an amazing set of skills that lets her swap between rolls very easily and thanks to her ulti you are going to both be the bane of every support on map and still feel useful even when having to play support.

Overwhelming Odds : Q
With this skill you will be able to easily harass your lane foe when fighting it out and thanks to the damage increase per until involved this is great early game to help keep your enemies low while helping out with some added speed and creep clearing ta boot! Some guides take this really late for laning, about level 4, which to my experience is only worthwhile when you are jungling. It cannot be over stated how helpful this skill is in lane to both cement kills and help set up and easy duel.

Word to the wise the damage goes up dramatically when you use this wit a creep wave in toe so feel free to hold out while you watch your foes cluster up in a wave only to watch it end badly for them.

Press the Attack : W
With this skill you should never feel the need to return to base if you are toting around any kind of mana regenerating item. 1 point into this I've found to be perfect for a very large amount of the game given it's scaling and my tenancy to use it more as an escape/heal verses a duel damage increase but given the shortness of cooldown feel free to use it both offensively and defensively.

Keep in mind that the attack speed increase will do wonders on heroes who are designed to hit like a train but rather slowly, looking at you Tiny, so when doing a support role throw this thing around liberally to keep your partner alive. Keep in mind that thanks to this breaking CC it will be a life saver when you are supporting

If you are going on a rampage as a carry this will keep you in the fight longer and also help you push/duel with even the most annoying of foes.

EVEN OF YOU ARE NOT A SUPPORT THROW THIS ONLY TEAMIES THAT ARE LOW. This will save not only their *** but also keep your whole team at an advantage.

Moment of Courage : E
This little puppy will make you one hell of an annoying jungler and late game scales to such an extent that I've been focused during a duel but thanks to it watched as it and Press the Attack topped me up. This skill will be an amazing damage increase as you level and will top you up thanks to the heal being percent based verses a static amount.

If you are jungling you will be able to move from easy to medium with ease with a tango and this baby. If you ever feel low feel free to duck into the brush to heal a bit and join the fight anew.

Due to it needing you to be in harms way while supporting this skill isn't going to factor into your skills that much until much later into the game.

Duel : R
This skill right here will either make or break your game. Thanks to it you will be able to lock down any character and render supports useless. Keep in mind that if you loose they get an amazing buff to damage which will ruin your day if you aren't careful.

Kill stealing aside, one of the best times to use this is when someone is low as you will get a free win and lock them in place. I like this for the first few until I start to snowball. If you can get someone to toss out a CC then feel free to ask away but keep in mind that Duel still triggers Moment of Courage so this isn't always ideal.

Idea being here you should get the jump on any Support or Carry and watch as they are helpless to slop the onslaught of death. This being the case that is why we need Shadow Blade so fast.


Items are simple to understand the choices. For jungling your Tango and Moment of Courage will keep you up and the same can be said in lane. Shield and Blade are self explanatory.

Early Game
The early game items are chosen because you will be going through mana at a rather high rate if you are clumsy and while her mana pool isn't something to scoff at, it will run dry really fast if you don't pick up something to keep you going in the long run.

These items are simple to understand. Treads are needed so your Duels will get the most hits in and the stats will help keep you up while slogging it out. Shadow Blade is really needed to compensate for the lack of a gap closer and the damage buff is always a help. Keep in mind this will be just as good at helping you start a fight but also will save your *** countless times. Watch and smile as a Juggs blows his ulti only to have you go invis and re-open on him. Crys is there because when dueling you want it over fast and you will love watching the crits later on in the game.

I'm not going to explain everything since it should make sense but lemme give you my preferred ones.

Deso is taken for the armor debuff. This with a SB will let you get the buff on which is then followed with a quick Duel. Assault for similar reasons and the added attack speed will help out as always. Daedalis is simply an extension of Crys and then more crits the better when you get AP this high. Finally Battle Fury is there as a late game just for laughs item. With a good get of Duels your damage will be insane so the added cleave during a Duel can result in some easy spill kill pick-ups and tenderizes your next target for you.


When playing you will really only face two choices. Should I jungle or should I lane? Keep in mind that jungling will nett you more team exp and gold while if you have someone like Kunnka or Dark Seer you will have a solo off lane that can hold their own with ease.

When going to jungle keep in mind that you are one hell of a tank and medium creep groups will be little challenge. Start with the easy group to get level 2 and then move to the mediums. With the heal and tango you will be clearing groups fast and getting really nice gold and exp returns. Level 6 is as always your poke out time so when you get there start ganking. You hit your stride mid game and a good mid game will set you up for a late game.

When taking lane you'll want to keep up the pressure with Q. You should always be harassing the enemy with it to keep them low and it sets up Duel wonderfully. Watch your mana so you don't over extend and waste so much you can't finish up with a duel. If your partner is low, you are pushing, you are low or going Support W is your friend. It will keep them topped up and help take towers down at a rate of knots.

Please keep in mind in all this that Dueling comes with its own dangers. When you start you are locked into it and if you judged it badly you will live to regret it really fast. Ask for a CC when you are going in and for Christs sake don't dive into a Duel. That will end in a pointless gift to the other team and make you look a tool.

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