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"GG Meepo" - Blat your way to victory

December 16, 2012 by thejwj
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The Net n' Blat Strat

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

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"gg meepo"

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"GG Meepo" - Blat your way to victory

December 16, 2012




(negatively ;D)

I apologize for publishing an unfinished guide early, but it's the best way for me to show my progress to my friends on the guide. Nonetheless, the information in here is likely correct or at the very least useful, so feel free to learn what you want from the guide and to make comments/suggestions. :)

Meepo the Geomancer

Who's the tough guy now, tough guy?

Welcome to JWJ's guide to Meepo the Geomancer.

This guide is meant for advanced DotA 2 players who have extremely keen game awareness and can already play most if not all heros efficiently. You will be unable to play Meepo without feeding if you cannot pay attention to the map or do not understand the strengths/weaknesses/behaviors of enemy heros.

Meepo can only truly shine if you take advantage of every last drop of opportunity.

  • Hard to shut down after level 6
  • 1400 magic damage AoE nuke
  • Ability to farm in multiple locations at once
  • Can split push later in game
  • Permanent 1250 range disable
  • Great mobility/escape
  • Everyone respects you when you kick ***
  • Very difficult laning until level 6
  • Extremely squishy early on
  • Has a lot of counters (anything AoE)
  • Requires perfect micro skils
  • Takes a lot of practice
  • Clones can only hold boots
  • Earthbind is a very difficult skillshot at first

Skill Overview

Before you can learn the strategies of Meepo, you need to learn what he actually does first.

While a single Meepo may be very weak, together they can prove to be unstoppable. With each Meepo having its own mana pool and cooldowns, you have the ability to permanently lock down foes and do massive AoE damage, as well as having a stacking slow and damage over time.

Each clone gains experience and gold as you would, so you can and need to farm in multiple locations at the same time. Meepo's insane level advantage is almost always obtainable if you just play it safe and keep a clone in experience range at all times.

Please note that you can view specific spell details by rolling your mouse over the spell icon.

Earthbind - Ranged Disable

Best used for: Ganks, escapes

Earthbind is the longest range disable in the entire game, allowing Meepo to catch up to foes from very far away as well as keeping them in place. Combined with your Geostrike stacks, it's unlikely a hero will be getting away once you've landed one of these on him.

With a maximum range of 1250, a cooldown of 8 seconds, and the ability to ensnare multiple units in an AoE, it punishes any heros that stray too close to a Geomancer.

Predict your opponents movements and stack nets like you would stack stuns!

Poof - Teleport/AoE nuke

Best used for: Jungling, nukes, escapes

Poof is one of the most useful skills in DotA 2. Not only does it do massive AoE damage, it also doubles as an escape mechanism or just an easy way to get to the fight. You can poof a Meepo to any other Meepo or Meepo illusion.

Two seperate instances of damage are dealt upon poofing in and poofing out, so if you want to do maximum damage try having your Meepos next to the enemy before poofing!

Keep in mind that if a poof gets cancelled, you will not lose mana/cooldown!

GeostrikeGeostrike - Stackable slow/damage over time

Best used for: Chasing, harrassing

As if a 1250 range perma disable wasn't enough, you've also got Geostrike to bring your enemies to a crawl as they helplessly try to escape from Meepo.

Geostrike instances stack directly, for up to a 100% slow and 140 damage per second for two seconds.

Don't forget to get Geostrike stacks on someone before chaining poof!

Divided We Stand - The Essence of Meepo

Best used for: Balling out of control

The bread and butter of Meepo. Each level of this skill gives you a slightly weaker clone of yourself. These clones only get 30% of your bonus attributes (until you get Aghanims Scepter) and can not hold any items other than the boots on the primary Meepo.

All boots with an active effect other than Arcane Boots will have a separate cooldown per Meepo.

Not only does scepter give you another Meepo, it also makes your clones get 100% of your attribute bonuses!

Key Bindings and Control Groups

To effectively micro Meepo, you will need to utilize control groups and hotkeys so you can react to situations as quickly as possible. Please note that these are not the only keys you can use, they are just the keys that I've found to work best for me. Unfortunately these keys probably will conflict with what you're used to, but it doesn't take that long to go through and change these when you're about to play Meepo.

Control Groups
Each individual meepo
All meepo clones
All meepos
Two meepos per key for split pushing

You can add units to a control group by dragging a box over the desired meepos, holding ctrl, and pressing the control group's button. At first it'll be a pain in the *** but eventually it will be second nature to you.

Mouse 5
Mouse 4
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C, B, N, Space
First item slot: Boots
Second item slot: Unit-targeting item
Third item slot: Mekansm
Control groups
Control group tab

You should always keep your boots in your first item slot, that way you don't have to use a different key for your main meepo and your clones.

Hero Playstyle

Meepo is an extremely versatile hero with almost everything a single hero could ask for. A low cooldown escape, an AoE nuke, a slow, a DoT, and a disable. He can lane, he can jungle, and he can solo Roshan. However, Meepo's trademark ability is being able to farm and gain experience in multiple locations.

Before leveling up your ulti or getting your Aghanim's Scepter, make sure you're in a safe place where you can set up your control groups!

Level 1-5

The first thing that you need to understand about Meepo is that until there is more than one of you, you are everyone's *****. You need to play it safe and not be overly concerned about last hits until level 6. This is your most vulnerable time. You have no escape and very little damage output.

DO NOT get killed during this period. The entire point of Meepo is to gain a level advantage, and that becomes a whole lot harder if you get killed early.

The best way to gather last hits in the early game as Meepo is to utilize your poof whenever one or more creeps can be instakilled by a poof. Meepo has one of the lowest damage values in the game, so unfortunately you can get denied quite easily if you don't use poof to get them.

Poof also doubles as a lane control tool, keeping the enemy hero away from you due to the fact that it does damage in a fairly large AoE. You can cancel this spell safely, so trick your opponents before you go in for a last hit!

The only items you'll be wanting to spend money on until you're level 6 will be tranquil boots and possibly a headdress if you manage to get enough gold. Pick up your boots of speed and ring of protection from the side shop as soon as possible.

Important Notes:

  1. You've got a ton of regen to last you until you get your tranquil boots. Use it.
  2. If you've got an awesome support, have him stack the hard jungle camps as much as possible.
  3. Always try and keep enough mana for an emergency earthbind.

Level 6-10

Now that your control groups are set up and you've got your second Meepo alive and breathing, it's time to start split farming in the lane and jungle. You have a two-way escape now, so if the other team tries to gank you in lane, you can poof to the jungle and vice versa.

Primary Meepo:

Stay in your lane as normal. You don't necessarily need to focus on your last hits in lane as much now that you have a Meepo in the jungle, but you should still try to get last hits if your jungling Meepo isn't doing anything.

Pay attention to this Meepo as much as possible, moving your camera back to it whenever you can. Don't waste time looking at your jungle Meepo walking.

Jungling Meepo:

Jungling is pretty simple for Meepo. Simply clear out the easy camp with autoattacks and poofs, using your tranquil boots whenever you can. Afterwards, walk over to one of the hard camps in your jungle and stack it. You aren't quite strong enough to take on much more than the easy camp with one Meepo, so you may find yourself having your second Meepo idle in the jungle. This is okay! Your jungle Meepo still serves as an escape point.

You may also send your jungle Meepo to the middle lane if no one is there.

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