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Quick guide for Tresdin

March 8, 2015 by AusarTheVile
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My personal choice

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

1 3 5 7

Press the Attack

10 12 13 14

Moment of Courage

2 4 8 9


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hi there to anyone who read this guide, i'm AusarTheVile and in steam my name is Slam-a-cow and welcome to my guide for legion commander A.K.A tresdin. Before we start i must tell you that this is my personal preference and whether this suit your gameplay or not is up to you.

Pros and cons

-Early area damage (if you use this guide)
-Quite good base movement speed
-Powerful dps (if you win duel frequently)
-Above average base damage
-Low cooldown ultimate

-Item dependent
-If you can't duel, you're technically f***ed
-No escape skill

Items explanation

Before you leave fountain
Before you leave fountain you might want to buy quelling blade, stout shield, and tango. This will make last hit easier and increase your lane survivalabilty (some of the damage absorbed by the shield)

Early game
In early game you build PT,Shadow blade, and MoM(optional).I usually replace MoM with mithril hammer for quicker desolator.PT and MoM(once again optional) will increase your attack speed, this will increase your moment of courage proc. Shadow blade is my core item because it make element of surprise, making landing duel easier to unsuspecting enemies. My combo is Overwhelming oods then duel asap. But if youre not sure always bring your friend to help you ambush your target.

Mid game
In mid game you might want to build desolator so enemy will die more quickly. The -10 armor really do the job, especially in duel. The armor is optional, i usually skip it until mid-late game (min 30-40) because if you shadow blade+duel enemy in early game, your damage is high enough to kill enemy quickly. Difusal blade is also good if you fight slipery enemy so they dont escape. The bonus agility and inteligence is good too. Heaven's halberd do the job when you want to duel. It will cause total destruction because they cant attack you when they're disarmed.

Late game
I won't explain much because late game actually is up to you. Cuirass if you need armor, Divine if you're sure you won't die, and mjolnir for more dps. My personal preference is cuirass because i usually already stack 100+ duel damage.

Tips how to use this guide

-An alternative for rushing shadow blade first is to rush desolator first. But the downside of desolator rush is you must go with one teamnate for save duel, while shadow blade gives you chance to duel enemy solo.
-If you suspect early gank, pick one early press the attack so you can regen health more quickly, then continue the skill sequence above
-Always calculate enemy health and resistance at early game. If you do this, you might end getting a first blood because of your overwhelming oods.

That's all and thank you for reading. Peace :)

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