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Quick and Dirty Guide to Disruptor

July 6, 2012 by Butters#252015
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Quick and Dirty

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Thunder Strike

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2 8 10 12

Kinetic Field

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Static Storm



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Quick and Dirty Guide to Disruptor

July 6, 2012


So this is a guide that I found on Reddit that seems to work pretty great for me so far and just thought I would share. This guy is so much fun, hopefully this helps someone realize that he absolutely has a place in the current meta and he gets some play.

Also just to let you guys know, Disruptor is a mid at heart and that's where you put him. Get a bottle; proceed to get every rune thanks to Glimpse and Kinetic Field.


You might want to go ganker style, which this hero does well with so long as your lanes can help some. If your lane has any sort of reliable disable to set up field, that guy is likely dead. If you go this route go for things like medallion, urn and phase boots. Euls is also surprisingly good on this guy, since it sets up ridiculously easy ult/field combos. Veil of Discord is almost always ignored, but consider it since 80% of your damage is spread out past the first .5 sec of battle.

If you're playing more team fight support, the build will be oriented more along those lines. Mana boots, force staff, and seriously consider blink dagger. Team fight disruptor is really flexible. Your job is to get off your ulti/field/nuke combo, glimpse to **** up someone's day, and then try to stay alive long enough for a second field/nuke. Buy whatever you need to accomplish that mission, then buy to fill in holes in your team.


Skill build is Nuke>Glimpse>Field>Ult, with one point in each by level 6. You read that right, get one level of his ult at 6 and then leave it there. His ult increases in damage by 100 MAX across level 2-3, and the mana cost increases too. I've yet to see any compelling reason why you'd ever max this over stats with such a meager damage increase when the duration and cd stay the same at each rank.

Ability usage: This is the fun part. Glimpse alone has so many potential uses. The most important thing is that the location where glimpse will move the hero is set at cast, and will be marked on the terrain. The time when he will be moved is set by when the projectile hits him. This is a nuance that takes a bit to get the hang of, but it's pretty natural before long.

Glimpse uses: The obvious troll ones are ****ing up tp's, both scrolls, BoT's, Wisp's, and Prophet's. Less obvious ones are blink dagger users. Sand king just blinked in with a 12 pulse agh boosted epi? Glimpse his *** and watch him cry as that ulti does 200 damage. ES blinks and starts doing his thing? **** that noise cya. Morph replicates into the team fight? Adios aguaman. Chasing utility is obvious but requires some finesse, as you can just as easily let them escape with this skill as hunt them down.

WARDS WARDS WARDS: Glimpse has 1800 range at level 4. Abuse this ****, but to do so you require vision. WARDS.

Kinetic Field usage: Your team can cross, theirs can't. Have fun with that. You can use this to seal off juke spots and tp out a la Prophet. You can also block them into/out of said spots like veno ward block. With coordination Dark seer is your BFF. The illusions will not be stopped by the field, anyone in the field is silenced (you did cast ulti didn't you?) and that spells slaughter.

SPECIAL NOTE: Disruptor has a .05 cast point. This makes field about 500X easier to land than Lina's stun, which also has a 1.2 sec delay but that's on top of Lina's roughly .6 sec cast point. This also means that if you have low ping and insane reflexes you can interrupt enemy heroes' with long animations, such as ES fissure, with a quick ulti. Your cast ranges are also quite long (800, 1800, 900, 800 respectively) which is very nice.

Nuke: straightforward. It's a heavy nuke (375 damage at level 4) but spread out over 4 seconds. Note that one bolt hits instantly, which means that the nuke'd hero's blink dagger will be disabled for 7 seconds solid just from this one cast. The range is small (200) but big enough to hit at least one or two heroes that are stuck in kinetic field.

Ult: It's on 85 second cd, so use it often. One kill per ult is totally worth it so long as no team fights are expected soon. The aoe is bigger than field (375 vs 300) so there's some forgiveness in placement. The damage is decent, but the real power of this ult is in the silence.

Because of your cast point, the combo is Ult>field>nuke. The ult will silence nearly immediately, which means they have all of 1.2 sec to force staff, walk, or blink dagger out before field sets in. Field>ult>nuke has its place as well, but generally you want that silence off first priority. Bottom line is that 3+ heroes in field/silence and you have roflstomped that fight, period.

Everyone talks about this guy as a weaver killer, but he's also an Anti-Mage killer. You gank AM, he blinks away 1100 range, you glimpse him (you do have vision, right?) and ulti and a field and that AM is now food.

About Force Staff and Static Storm

First, force staff. Displaced movement effects (vacuum, force staff, hook, waveform) will get the enemy through the barrier, but any regular walking movement, even hasted, will not. Even if half the enemy team buys force staffs to counter your field, you are making the enemy team deal with you, not your carry, and this is your job so that's ok.

On the ulti skilling issue. I know it's a total 1000 potential extra damage if you hit every hero FOR ALL 5 SECONDS. That's the big thing. Especially with force staff getting you out of the field, the times when you'll get all 5 seconds on more than a hero or two are minimal. In addition, you shouldn't always use your combo. Just like with tiny, playing this guy well is also about knowing when to maximize the individual effect of your abilities by using field and ulti to do double area denial. A great example is an ulti in the rosh pit but a field on the ramp. Not to say that your combo isn't usually the right choice. Your average use case scenario on your ulti that extra potential damage is not going to be realized, and so I think stats are generally a more useful choice.

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