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Quas/Wex Speed Racer Invoker

December 19, 2013 by Sherudon
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Quas Wex

DotA2 Hero: Invoker

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Quas/Wex Speed Racer Invoker

December 19, 2013

Quas/Wex Speed Invoker

Welcome to my favourite Invoker build I run with, I hope you take away some enjoyment and comment down below as you feel free.

Invoker is one of the highest skill base hero's in dota, period, He has 10 spells that you can mix and match ontop of using other active items take you need to activate to instantly gain positional advantages, while being able to escape, separate and cut off lanes of escape and reinforcements.

He is my second most effective hero next to my meepo, this is the build I play when I play to win and has the highest memory and skill requirements.

There are many different ways to build Invoker, this build is entirely based around survival, speed, roaming and team shut downs with respectable nuking potential.

Pros / Cons

As you play invoker it is insanely easy to become lost of confused on what combo of keys does what, miscasting or invoking the wrong spell is very normal, even with over 100 games you can sometimes make this mistake.

This is a hero that you MUST practice with bots frequently before you should play against people or you will end up hating one of the more entertaining hero's in the game.

- one of the highest skill based hero's in the game
- not a casual friendly hero
- very experience dependant
- long cooldowns
- low base spell damage
- most spells require 2 elements to enhance another effect i.e tornado requires wex and quas for greater damage, quas adding more disable time, wex granting longer range.
- BKB will ignore your spells.
- one of the lowest move speed hero's

It's always depressing to list cons for great hero's but I rather prefer getting the hard part out of the way before the fun stuff.

+ once you learn your combos, you can take on 5 people alone, kill one, two or all of them, and get away before your even reacted to.
+ adaptation, He can fight anyone that is not magic immune.
+ near global disable, high level tornado in this build can travel half the map 3200 range
+ can easily disable 5 people.
+ fits all game rolls and when you learn him, not as a jack of trades but as a master of all.

Now then, the long part, items, skills and effects.



To start out grab yourself a blade of attack, a tango and a branch, yes you only have 50g after the blades and tango, simply use the mule in the few seconds of start up.

As invoker your regen is so high in the start that you could quite easily trade hits with a harder hitting hero, the blades to give yourself a better last hit and harass potential, and for your first step towards your phase.

Early Core

Phase boots are your 1st and vital piece of early game equipment, 24 added damage adds gives you a great advantage in lane, and makes you hit far harder on auto attacks and adds on a active move speed buff and removes unit collision, once your boots are up you want to pick up a drum, for more speed, durability and stats.

Your next item can be a choice of the euls or the forcestaff, euls give you more speed and a dodge/disable and mana regen, while force staff give you a touch more regen, more damage/mana and you primary escape and positional tool.

Now its down to Luxury

Now this is entirely your choice on what you need to do or what you want to do.

Vyse is your best choice, another disable doesn't go wrong, added mana regen and stats.

A Cepter if you plan to chain cast, adding more stats and a major increase to your spell casts, and at max level reduces your invoke cool down to 2 seconds, you can end waiting on spell cool downs if you run out all 10 spells at times.

A MKB is great when your coming across high magic resistant or immuune targets who have evasion, adds on a fairly high amount or auto attack damage.

A pair of travel boots makes you able to kite Nightstalker at night, out run space cow and still remain so fast even if hit with a slow.

Blink gives you complete control in a fight, you can place yourself in the middle of a massive fight and still forcestaff and reposition advantages.

Refresher makes you a magical cannon, don't expect to have a mana pool after you throw out 3 spells, refresh and another 3/4 spells... on the other hand don't expect the other team is still alive after that, but since this is a quas wex, emp will keep your mana maxed.


Now then, this is the page that can become a small novel with situational usages of any skill and combo set ups.

Thankfully I wont go into massive detail on every combo and set up attempt, watch yourself a quas wex invoker and you will be stunned at how much fire power and disable flies out of one little hero.

This hero has no "stats" gain, each level of quas, wex and extort add on a passive amount of stat points, quas adds STR, wex adds AGI and extort adds INT

1: Quas
This is your strength augment, adds on more health and health regen orbs primarily used in disable aspect spells.

2: Wex
This is your AGI augment, adds on more attack and move speed and is based around improving the range of an attack, or raw damage.

3: Extort
This is your INT augment, adds on more raw damage, mana and is the primary skill for improving your nuke spells and attack damage skills.

4: Invoke
This is your manifestation spell that reacts to what combination of orbs you currently have floating around you, if you make a mistake it does have a long cooldown early and can leave you with a useless spell or even fizzle if you invoke a spell you already have, using the cooldown and charging you mana for it, you can now invoke 2 "spells" at level 1 of invoke.

Ok now, her comes the spells...

Cold Snap 10 sec cooldown
This spell causes attacks that hit the target to mini stun and damage the target in a very short cool down it lasts and activates stuns more often and duration dependant on how many levels of quas you have, a brilliant control and gank spell, keep in mind this triggers with any hostile damage done to the target, creeps, but not self damage.

EMP blast 30 second cooldown
This is far the most devastating spell you have as a quas wex, maxed out this burns 400 mana, while returning half of it to you, you hit a team with this, you instantly refill your mana, this is a pure wex skill, so only wex makes it better, lower detonation time and more damage.

Sun Strike 30 second cooldown
This is a global, heavy damage nuke, entirely based around extort, this is one of the skill shots invoker has, in this build, this is not a spell you will be using unless you see someone under 50 hp early on or to add some tiny added damage to help with a gank.

Ghost Walk 35 second cooldown
This is your best escape spell, its quick easy and available at level 3, the only downside is at a lower level you move at a slowed speed based on your level of wex, if you go close to another opposing creep or hero you will make them light up and leave glowing footprints, this slows them based on your level of quas, this DOES give you away, you can run the map in less than 20 seconds I timed this maxed out with speed invoker.

Tornado 30 second cooldown
This spell is the move you will love, it acts like a euls disable, removes some buffs such as rune powers, has insane range later levels, and it reveals the map as it passes by... think your jungle is getting roamed? throw it in that direction and let the 3200 range ward work... oh and it hurts, just a small bonus.

Ice Wall 25 second cooldown
This is a positional skill, it drops a slowing and damaging skill right at you feet, in the direction you face it drops a vertical long patch of ice that scales slow off quas and damage over time of extort, a small tip with this spell, if you catch someone with this before they bkb the slow remains active instead of removing it.

Deafening Blast 30 second cooldown
This is your greatest disable spell for quas wex, decent range, drags the target/s hit slightly based of your quas, you can't react, so it is a a stun, with a disarm effect, time based off wex, and damage based off exort and knockback based off quas.

Alacrity 15 second cooldown
A great spell to buff either yourself or a auto attack hero like PA or drow as such, it boosts attack speed based off wex and damage based off extort.

Forge spirits 30 second cooldown
Even though this is not meant to be a spell of choice for a quas wex, though still summoning one can still help with added armour debuffs if you finish your chain.

MEATBALL 30 second cooldown
A good spell later to add into your skill chain, it summons a giant meteor that impacts and rolls though units, damage is based on extort, and distance the meteor rolls is based off wex.

My god listing all that is a fight in its self.

Now then, now you have a basic idea on what spell does what, now spell chaining is the hardest and the most fun skill to learn in all dota, even micro managing my meepo's is not as fun as chain casting.

A tip with chain casting is you may have 2 spells, but you should have your next spell ready to invoke so in reality you can open with 3 spells.

Such as a great quas wex combo would be tornado, set up emp and invoke a snap freeze, cast it on the hero as he comes out of the tornado, and you should have a mini stun from your emp and mana drain/regen, while being faster with wex and phase that you can chase.

A good combo I enjoy doing to melee hero's is euls, drop an icewall on the cyclone as even with a bkb the slow will hit before they can use it, snap freeze then invoke a emp if they dont have a bkb, you literally freeze him in place with snap freeze chain stunning, move speed slowed to nothing, and most melee have low mana pools, so he is out of mana or very close to.


Hero's who invoker works best with, is himself, and he knows it.

Now, in reality invoker is generally played as a solo lane or mid because of his need of experience, that is as a quas extort, this is quite untrue for a quas wex, snap freeze is a horrifying spell to hit you, it is one of the lowest cool down and mana cost spells he has, and its usable at level 2 making a quas wex able to lane if you have another mid who needs it more.

Hero's who work well with him in a lane are hero's who have damage over time attack, or a stun passive or skill.

Hero's to hate.

They are the ones who have magic immunity, can silence you and mana drain you.

Having someone like lifestealer simply rage and walk into you from fog can be enough to ruin your day as a extort invoker, with a quas wex, you simply ghost walk, and punish him when rage ends.

However Antimage simply jumping on to you and draining you before you can even cast or someone like clinks orchid strafing you can ruin you when a extort invoker could dps race and possibly win.

Early to Mid game

General assumption that you will be mid, however this will still work in a lane, just at a slower or faster rate depending on the hero's in your lane and if you win or lose your lane.

Your primary goal here is to simply farm your phase boots, while using snap freeze to harass and punish your lane, some hero's can ignore your harass like bloodseeker as he has more last hit power than you do to deny.

In most cases people will over estimate the amount of health you can take and end up going for that last hit only to get killed to a frost emp cyclone combo, don't forget to attack and move yourself!, that can be the difference between one auto to three attacks.

The best aspect of invoker is you don't need that fabled level 6 to roam, you can do that at level 2 if your confident in your lanes kill potential, the first night comes around and you see a rune, that is when you go and kill.

If your afraid they can see you, you have ghost walk, or just tp up and use your superior speed to rush with your lane, because of emp and tornado's really large cast and effect range you can attack from fog with alarming surprise.

Remember your faster than them, players tend to react by running from the fast moving magic cannon, rather than staying to fight, especially when they just had a emp blast hit them...

Mid Game

This is where emp can drain intelligence hero's,deafening blast disarm right clickers and attack people half the map away and be right behind the tornado with a force and blink, even be ahead of it!.

Your spells hurt, you can throw them fairly fast, and your core is complete, you should be so fast tp scrolls become almost redundant, and your speed should still be able to get faster.

This is were your disable's are more than an annoyance but an actual full on disable, a deafening blast followed by a emp forcestaff into an icewall, can ruin a 5 man team and you have to consider your other 4 team mates coming in behind you.

OR a tornado, force behind them blast them at your team and drop an ice wall to cut them off?

This hero has SO many situational applications its simply not possible to describe them all.

Late Game and Last Word.

This is the time your coming to maxing all your quas, wex and extort levels.

This is when you become the master of all, your damage goes though the roof, you can kill whole teams, literally cutting chunks out of the other team, if the other team has not all gotten bkb's there as good as dead.

You can stop 5 man pushes alone with the sheer amount of spell being thrown out, if you have your scepter, nothing that can't blink or go magic immune can challenge you for high ground.

By this time you most common spell combo will be tornado into a deafening blast to meteor, this give you a purge, disable, into another disable with a disarm effect, onto a nuke and burning damage, with an emp ready to blast or an ice wall to stop them running from you...

Not that anyone can out run you... but it sounds comforting that you can try.

Last Word

This guide was the hardest thing I have had the enjoyment of writing, I had to play 5 more invoker games during this guide just to "try" to even condense the hero.

And yet there is so much more to this hero.

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