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Qop Pos4

April 1, 2021 by Guest
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QoP Pos4 skill build

DotA2 Hero: Queen of Pain

Hero Skills

Shadow Strike

1 3 5 16


2 4 13 14

Scream of Pain

7 8 9 11

Sonic Wave

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

18s Spell Block
-2s Blink Cooldown
+525 AoE Shadow Strike
+120 Scream of Pain Damage
+30 Attack Speed
+2 Shadow Strike Damage Instances
+11 Strength
+20 Damage

Early stages - Lane phase

Objectives :

- Harass the ennemy carry if squishy one ;
- Harass ennemy support to get some kills if carry too tanky ;
>>> Max Shadow Strike to do that.

- Don't die ;
- Secure bounty rune at 5:00 with Blink ;
- Complete fast Urn of Shadows to get first charges.

Just after lane phase

- Depending on how the game goes, consider building Hand of Midas. A fast level 20 unlocks an incredible powerful talent (Shadowstrike in zone) if you manage to faster XPM than ennemies ;

- You have three objectives :
>>> Spirit Vessel (very strong against everyone). DOn't waste charges on yourself, Boots will regen your HP
>>> Eul Scepter (your dispell option and mana regeneration - never use it offensively except to cancel TP)
>>> Veil of Discord : increases Spell dmg, meanaing that your ultimate, even if pure dmg, profits from it too.

- Jump between lanes, farm some camps along the way, and just harass everyone you can. If game is kinda passive, just do some stacks for your cores, you're a pos4 after all.

- Use your fast mobility to place some vision around.

Pushing and taking advantage

- Stay behind, do not expose yourself, you're really fragile anyway ;

- Support your teammates, push with them

- Be careful with your ultimate
>>> Use it on a single very important target to kill him (ennemy carry for example) ;
>>> Be patient during a fight and use it optimally (3 people mini if possible)

- Don't hesitate to combo in this order : Ultimate/Blink/Scream. Avoids terrible mistakes like Blink/Missed ultimate.

Late game

- Depending on how the game goes, don't hesitate to go for Scepter : it brings you massive damage on a very low cooldown. Besides, if you need to defend huge waves of creeps, you can just ulti them, to ****** ennemy's push.

- Lotus Orb allows you to save your teammates, this is a great Pos4 item and brings you health and mana regen as well.

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