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QoP Agressive Skill & Build - Solo Mid

October 22, 2012 by Sitch
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QoP Agressive Skill & Build- Solo Mid

DotA2 Hero: Queen of Pain

Hero Skills

Shadow Strike

1 3 5 7


2 4 9 13

Scream of Pain

8 10 12 14

Sonic Wave

6 11 16


15 17 18

QoP Agressive Skill & Build - Solo Mid

October 22, 2012

Solo mid

This is a very aggressive build and works very well if you don't fail in the beginning and that is very important.

You start with naked bottle and make sure to be first to the runes at all times.

What you will do is that you qill skill Shadow Strike as main attack. You run forward in mid, drop Q spell, most of the time the opponent retreats and then its just to follow and hit him as many times as possible without tower diving. If he is like 1-2 hits away from dying you can towerdive because you have your blink to blink out from the towers range safely after killing your opponent.

At this time you should atleast have BoS and can run top/bot to gank while your opponent is at base.

If you manage to stay alive at have a minimum of 2 kills or good last-hit stats you can have treads and Orchid at around 20 min in the game.

Now you can simply gank at lanes and 1v1 kill almost any here since u have silence, slow and a lot of damage.

Later you can choose between getting Linkens or Monkey depending on what heroes you are facing. If you are facing heroes with a lot of targeting spells it could be very useful with the linkens before you buy the Monkey King Bar!

Good luck!

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