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Pushing Prophet

October 27, 2013 by Kcamgaming
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The Pushing Prophet

DotA2 Hero: Nature's Prophet

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Pushing Prophet

October 27, 2013


This guide is a quick and easy read, but should lead you to victory, if played correctly. i will split this guide into 4 Parts; Early Game. Mid-Late Game. Skills and Items. But first a quick summary...

As the title suggests this guide is about pushing as much, and as early as possible. Towers are the most important thing not only in this guide but in Dota2 the quicker you can take out your enemies towers, the more chance for success. So thats what this class is all about. taking out towers and pushing your enemies back until there stuck in there base with no chance of winning. PLay Smart. Play well.

Early Game:

OK. so lets start from the beginning, early on you should pick up 2 Clarity and A Ring of Basilius. Get yourself into a lane solo if possible. but if not make sure your parnter knows you will be pushing, and is ready to back you up. Take Natures Call to begin with, this should give you an upper hand against any creeps, and you should already be pushing there tower from the first battle. Constantly push your enemies back until you can get shots at there tower, dont forget to often set your tree ents against enemy heroes (Which should make them run off) and continue to help your creeps advance, remember creeps win battles!

Keep pushing until the 2 towers on your lane have been destroyed. Then its time to move on...

Mid-Late Game

OK. by now, the 2 towers on your lane should be gone, but if not dont worry, if you feel like your getting nowhere, its time to move on. Pushing is still your most important task. you should of leveled teleport quite a bit by now, and can do it cheap and often. The key now is to pick your timing. Find allies that are making pushed and join them, make good choices to Defend your towers and sometimes just push your creeps up there lanes.

Hero Killing:
Ok, Enemy heroes will now be a big problem, so you have to play clever; Dont pick fights you cant handle, and if you have it, use your shadow blade to sneak up on an enemy! Heres my Rotation for heroes:

Q. Stick them down with your Sprout
R. Bust your ultimate out on that mo-fo
E. Now turn the sprouted trees into ents and nuke!

if this hasn't worked, work out weather you will kill him and either continue or teleport outta there!

Hero Defense:

If your running away from a hero, dont forget you can use sprout to stick them down, and continue running, or even use it on the path to at least slow him down.

Alternatively, you can dissapear with Shadowblade and Teleport away...

Skills and Items:

The starting Clarity and Ring of Basilius speak for themselves, its important to keep ents around when you begin, so keeping mana is important. also, you might need a cheeky teleport.

contrary to popular belief, Shadow Blade and Natures Prophet are perfect, mainly as you can use teleport without breaking stealth. so its perfect for escaping your enemies. Also with the added bonus of being able to sneak up on them... who could disagree?

Assault Cuirass:
The ATK speed on this makes it all worth it with the added armor.. Your white dmg will be so quick with this bad boy on, creeps will fall over quick! making it ideal for this pushing build!

Scythe Of Vyse:
This is sort of a Luxury Item and should be last bought. this is literally to give you that little extra against heroes that may be otherwise, giving you hassle, after your rotation you can turn them into critters to deal that last bit of dmg!

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