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Pudge 101 **2014**

February 13, 2014 by Supa
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DotA2 Hero: Pudge

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Pudge 101 **2014**

February 13, 2014

Pudge 101

This guide is designed to be short, rotten, and oozing with supportive information.
Without further a due...

Who should play Pudge?
Those who...
+like to gank
+prefer "skill-shot" heroes
+prefer an initiation style
+enjoy tanking

Why should we play Pudge?
He can...
+fit into almost any team comp
+change a game with a good hook
+provide durability to your team
+stop your enemies from pushing/jungling

What's great about Pudge?
He is...
+one of the best tanks (especially vs magic)
+capable of huge magical area damage
+able to pull enemies out of position
+awesome at ganking

What sucks about Pudge?
He is...
+slower than dirt
+extremely mana reliant
+easy to fail with
+embarrassing when you can't land hooks

What's the best way to play Pudge?
I would say...
+go middle for the exp, gold, and map control
+focus on regen/str items
+gank any chance you get
+communicate with your team often
+if your about to die, use your rot to suicide

What should I avoid doing on Pudge?
+buying bottle
+going for attack damage/speed
+going for only mana/int items
+playing a game vs Lifestealer
+jumping straight into Ranked Matches

All in all, check out the item & skill build.
Comment below on what you think.
Good luck!!

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