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Puddin' Pop, a Storm and other Stuff!

January 28, 2013 by Judas Brown
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Storm Spirit (a classic mid build)

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Galvanized (Innate)

Static Remnant

1 8 10 12

Electric Vortex

3 4 5 7


2 9 13 14

Ball Lightning

6 11 16


15 17 18

Zap! Introduction (Start / Early Game)

Hey there, my dear, little Storm Clouds!
So you are here to learn how YOU can change the world of Dota, how YOU can zap some evil creeps, how YOU can f****** burn some bad guys, rain on their parade and start a fancy party with excellent food.

YOU are the Storm Spirit, by name: Raijin Thunderkeg. (So, I stop the "YOU" thing now, I guess I got your attention by now ;))

So, the Storm Spirit is a INT. Hero with great Semi-Carry/Carry potential and very nice ganking tools. He can slow the enemy with a smart "overload" and he is able to disable an enemy hero for several seconds. Also he is capable of taking heroes down with a good combo of his skills.

Before playing as the Storm Spirit you should at least know his skills and have tried him in a bot match or training match with friends.

At the beginning of the match you go for the mid lane, always go for the mid and tell your team about it! Do not just pick him, if you are not sure that you can go mid...

Even a Storm needs to rise... (Early / Mid Game)

... and maybe that needs a little more time than expected ;)

Do not rush it! You are very item dependent and squishy. Don't go for any kills (except easy, guaranteed ones) until your level 6. You need your ulti for escapes and most of your ganks. Always watch your mana pool, you have to understand the Storm to tame it... him.

If you're going for a head-on fight maybe on mid or on any other lane, use your combo:

Ball Lightning behind your enemy -> HIT (overload) -> Remnant -> HIT (overload) -> Vortex -> HIT (overload) & finished! ;)

If there is no good or clear situation for a gank or a kill, do NOT go for it! Farm your lane and deny your enemy's farm. Try to complete your item build as soon as possible, go for orchid first. You have one extra disable plus your vortex skill and a neat buff when it comes to mana regeneration. Mana regeneration is all you need... trust me. It's so important for your ulti to escape and gank.

If your doing well, go for other top tier items.

Suggestions: Linken's Sphere, Scythe of Vyse & a Blood Stone

Dark Clouds and a hurry-cane (Late Game)

So there he is, THE Storm Spirit. You are now in the later phase of the game ( late mid game/ late game). You have some of the suggested items from above and you are ready for more fights and more kills/assists! But don't forget to farm some lanes (maybe Jungle if there is no hard carry in need of it!) and protect the last towers. When ever there is team fight, do NOT miss it but don't initiate. You will get stunned and focused by the enemy team and you give them an easy kill. Let a tank initiate and go for a Ball lightning as soon as the enemy team is on cool downs. Use your old friend The COMBO, you know what I mean ;) But be aware, you have to dodge some spells and disables with your Ball Lightning in order to survive and help your team! Always try to stay alive!

After a succesful fight go for the tower push and work on your item build.

Luxury items:

Boots of Travel, Desolator (never tried it before though) and Eye of Skadi!

Touché (Alternatives)

If you are doing very well or you enemy is just feeding you, you could go for a blood stone earlier in the game. Buy Arcane Boots and collect enough gold for the soul booster parts. Disassemble your boots and go for treads and Blood Stone.

Then decide which item you are needing the most.

If there are many disables -> Linken's Sphere!
If there are less disables and you want to put a little chicken to "sleep" -> Scythe of Vyse!
If there are less disables and you want a to bring some flowers to your gank ... ehm "date" -> Orchid ;)

Just try your own play style and let me know about it. All you have to know is how the skills work. Learn your combo and keep playing, you need game sense and a sixth sense for your mana pool + ulti. Watch out for disablers and stack up a nice amount of regeneration!

Tell me how you liked this guide and give some feedback on it.

Thanks for reading and have a sunny day.

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