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Puck for publics

December 28, 2013 by razshagal
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DotA2 Hero: Puck

Hero Skills

Illusory Orb

2 3 5 7

Waning Rift

4 8 9 10

Phase Shift

1 12 13 14

Dream Coil

6 11 16


15 17 18

Puck for publics

December 28, 2013


Hello ,

Ima razshagal and my fav hero is puck .
Durning my play in public games ive seen some of pucks , but their gameplay was an average .

Let me introduce puck in my way to carry tha game .

(english so bad , forgive me )

Pros n cons


Low CD
Durable if builded corretly
As int op autodamage


Hard to master
benefits on build
Expensive build
Average in late game


About items ,
This build has 4 (!) active abilities , sometimes You lose yourself in tons of ways to engage/disengage enemy . This build is quite expensive , i think in 70-90% of games u wont have full build .

Early , why 3 mantles ?
Gives u +9 dmg to lasthit , mana , and mana regen .
2x nul + treads + bootle is your earlyfinal, adds about to 30+ dmg , attack speed which in this build is also required .

Dagger - is most important on puck because with ur Phase Shift (E) you can escape (dagger will fill in 3s. out of combaat).
Can dodge projectiles ! (f.e. venge stun)
Quite often u need instant blink than Orb teleport.

SCEEPTAA - increases Int (+10 auto dmg) str , agi. and provides better ultimate (stun , dmg )

Shivaaa - armor , int (+ autodmg) 200 aoe dmg + slow

HEX - another disable .

How to play

Early GAME
Use E whenever he tries to autoattack or cast spells , beware of chained abilities
like Zeus Q , watch bolt and use E .
for instant spells like zeus W or luna Q watch for animations of hero , or try to move out of range .

always remember that ur items which give u int , provides aditional autoattacks damage . Remember to use it durning cooldowns

pretty easy spells to avoid :
Sniper R ,
Venge Q,
Pudge Q,

Spells you should be ware :
Earthshaker Q,
Darkseer Q,
Batrider R,


As initiator , find moment when they're all close together or catch one which is out of group Try to focus spells on squishiest/carry .

For example : Cast orb to at least 2 members , teleport to orb -->Ulti , shiva's , W , phaseshift----dagger out of combat , but not too far , and contiue fight

When they gank/catch you , just w8 for E or cast it , escape by dagger + orb to friendly targets like ramps , cliffs or allies .

For example : You are chasing potm , After her leap cast dagger in her direction , use slows if possible and finish .

For chasing try to use dagger before spells bcoz of enemy creep hits.

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