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Puck. Cute, Kind, Deadly.

July 16, 2013 by H2Stickman
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Puck

Hero Skills

Illusory Orb

1 4 5 7

Waning Rift

2 8 9 10

Phase Shift

3 12 13 14

Dream Coil

6 11 16


15 17 18

Who i'm.

I'm H2Stickman, i change my Steam ID Alot tho.
ATM im Ratchet Bomb (yeah i play Magic the Gathering)
This is my dota buff page:

I recently fell in love with puck, even tho i dont play him as he is meant to be played.
I use His/Hers kit as an assassin (that exaplins the Dagon) while he is more of a teamfgiht controll, Initaite and escape.

(I love instakilling things)

Also, Forgive my english, im italian.
This guide tells you how i like to play Puck: As an assassin - teamfight controll

Why Puck if you like to isntakill things?
He/She offers alot of help for your team mates in the teamfight due to his/her strong ult and initiation, Yet, in public games you need some kind of "carry" that keeps the enemy carry low on moneys.
You dont always find good players online.

Pros and Cons.


[*] Aoe silence
[*] Awesome Escape/Initiation
[*] Extremely powerfull ult
[*] Phase shift counters almost every spell in the game


[*] Not an assassin (*)
[*] Squishy
[*] dies if silenced
[*] Blink dagger dependant

(*) Puck dosent have enough brust damage to instakill a support or an AGI carry, like Invoker or Skywrath mage.
Yet, you can buy Dagon and level it up. I suggest doing this ONLY if you are NOT playing with a team and you need to help your team by brusting an enemy down.
With dagon you'll be able to Blink, W, Q, Dagon and instakill a support or a squishy carry, BUT you wont give any other help to your team.
So be carefull when you decide to buy dagon, i almost build it in any pub, just because i cannot make strategy with random people.

When and Why.

When Puck is a GOOD pick?

Honestly, almost always.
there are some heroes, tho, that will make your life less cute.

These heroes are anyone with an istant cast silence, like Blood Seeker, Night Stalker, Silencer and Riki.
In this list dosent enters: Drow Ranger and Death Prophet, for 1 reason. your E, Phase shift, allows you to dodge theyrs silences, as soon as you see them casting it.

Also it is not Drow Ranger that will initiate you, it will be you to initiate the b*tch.

Thanks to his/her E, (i still dont know Puck's gender, yeah i didnt read the lore...) He/She is a counter to many Mids, like:

-Pudge (he will have an hard time hooking you)
-Magnus (he will have an hard time initiating you [even tho you never see a magnus mid, only in the internationals])

now i wanna talk about some different match ups.

Silencer vs Puck.

Silencer due to hsi ult, counter your fairy ***.
Yet, you have a big advantaje in lane than he does.

His Curse of the Silent its totally useless on you, since you can:
1) phase shift dodge it
2) phase shift deny it.
(Phase shift has 0 mana cost!)

Also, you'll be able to dodge his Glaives of Wisdom with it.

the real trouble Silencer gives to you, is: Last Word.
it will surely silence you, thats why aganist silencer you must have total controll of the runes. if he gets a bottle and start refilling it, he will spam, and you are gonna have a bad time.

Blood Seeker vs Puck

NO. Dont pick Puck aganist blood seeker. He will silence you and kill you.
but, if you really need to pick Puck.. then farm and play safe. dont get too close, if he silences you and ults you, you are pretty much dead.

Puck is a very big initiate: blink, ult and silence.
What is the advantaje this initiation offers?

- Enemy team is silenced.
- Enemy team cannot move too far, otherwise they will all be stunned (your ult)

Another good thing is that you are in the middle of them, you have some choices now.

Throw your Illusory Orb, use you phase shift, and press D to go away, otherwise you can wait your team mates with your phase shift to give some more help (Vyse, Orchid, Dagon, etc...)

Something that some people thinks.

DONT GO IN LANE!!!!!! (unless you are soloing and you know what you are doing)



Yes, i do buy boots, there is a reason if i dont complete them.
Puck's litle feets can fit in almsot any boots you desire, Arcane boots, Phase boots, etc.

Usually i build Phase or Power Treads. Phase gives you a litle more damage and some chasing, while Power Treads gives you a litle HP, a litle attack speed or a litle mana (love the litle mana)

Arcane boots can be a good pick too, but it is not your "Must"
you could choose for arcane boots if your supports are Lion, Lich, or any other support with a skill that refills theyr mana.

Tranquill boots comboes very nicely with your Phase shift, yet mind that you dont have this big big mana pool.

Boots of travel are your end game option.

Laning, and harrass.

Dont harrass with your spells.
You are heavly mana dependant, You cannot spam your Q as if there was no tomorrow, because it is your escape if things get bad.

Your only harrass is AA.
if you followed the build, you have 2 Mantles of intelligence, those will give you +6 damage, it will be worth to trade AAs, since you can always Phase shift away the enemy trade.

it is how it works:

You go AA the enemy, the enemy will AA you back, before the enemy's projectile hits you, Dodge it with Phase shift, come back and AA again.

After you do the first AA you'll get the creeps's attention, but when you phase shift to dodge the enemy tradeback, you'll restore the peace with the enemy creeps, while the enemy took your AA and your creeps harrass. come back and AA again, the flee back.


Many Pucks i ahve seen, use theyr Q from the trees, pops into enemy's faces , silences and ult.

I dont like ganking like this.

Usually i just walk to enemies, ult, and then Silence and Q.

if you waste your Q at the wrong time, you become and easy target for counter gank, and skill shots.
Also you'll gamage a bit more your enemies.
Your ult has a relatively low CD, so dont be scared to use it in any gank, it will be up again for the next gank.

You become a radical ganking macchine once you have your Blink dagger.

"What? hey... usually when i get blink dagger its already too late for ganks."

Then farm/gank more!
If i could get a blink dagger, boots, bottel and 2 null talismas in 10 minutes you can do it too.

I admit it, that Queen of pain was heavly ******ed, she gave me first blood, but, i ganked even before 6, and manage to kill some kills early.
(infact you can see my poor last hitting skills)

In the end.

Puck is a very strong pick.
He/She is one of the most picked/banned heroes in the competitive scene, im talking about Internationals levels.
Thats why mastering such hero can be helpfull for your win/lose ratio!

Now good luck!

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