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Pubstomp Lina Build

September 11, 2012 by awke
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Build 1
Build 2

Standard Mid Build

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Pubstomp Lina Build

September 11, 2012


Hello, there is no introduction really needed. Lina is one of the most famous and solid heroes in DoTA history. She can be played in a wide array of ways as her skills can adapt to most circumstances. I will be making a guide on making Lina an early game monster, and a late game crowd control beast.

Item Explanation

Mid Item Build Explanation:

Getting Tangos, and 1 Healing Salve is very standard, as you shouldn't be spamming your skills enough to be running out of mana. The three branches provide minimal stat gain, but you need them for your eventual Magic Wand. The remaining gold you have will be saved up for your next item.

Early game, you will wand to rush a Bottle, as going mid, you will be having a blast with runes. *On a note, there are a list of heroes you will go against middle lane that will make getting runes very difficult, such as Storm Spirit and Queen of Pain. If that is the case, you just have to ward the runes carefully, and pray it spawns in your favor. Do NOT get arcane boots, because it is a huge waste of money if you get a bottle as well. Ghost marchers will help catch up to your enemy so you can stun them. And of course, a magic wand is just an essential on most heroes in this game.

Your core item should be an Eul's and this only. The reason this item is so good on Lina is it guarantees a kill on ANY hero that doesn't have a blink/invis skill. The combo is not very difficult to land. I will explain in detail later in the guide how to pull this combo off cleanly. Since you are playing in a pub game, chances are your support will not buy wards so if you are doing well at this point, pick up the slack and get some wards/sents if they are needed.

The utility items are very situational, which I love about this game. If your team does not have an initation, pick up a Blink Dagger and start the fight yourself. If you DO have an initiator, pick up a Force Staff and contribute to the fight from the sidelines, while saving teammates as you can with it. One of these items must get picked up if your team does not have either. If there are a plethora of these two items, a Scythe of Vyse is a great pickup. This item does not need any explanation as it is a fantastic item to take down a carry with ease. A Shivas Guard CAN get picked up, but only if you are absolutely dominating, or you are having trouble escaping/catching the enemy.

The late game items are quite simple. Get Boots of Travel to farm the entire map and to push lanes with ease. Get a Linkins if you are getting CC'd/Ulti'd quite often. Get an Orchids if you need ANOTHER CC for those annoying mages/carries. And finally, get a Heart of Tarrasque to just be a huge block while fighting.

Side Lane/Support Item Build Explanation:

The starting items should be the Courier first, because you are a support. Get the same Tangos/Healing Salve and three branches.

As soon as you have 200 gold, buy a set of Observer Wards and use one for the river for the rune, and another to prevent ganks if needed, or to gank their jungle if needed. Do NOT get a bottle. I cannot stress enough how useless a sidelane hero with a bottle is. You will just ruin mid's chances of dominating. Get standard boots, and a Magic Wand.

Since you are a support, getting regen items are a must. Arcane boots are a great pickup to help you spam your spells and harrass the enemy lane constantly, as well as keep giving your carry mana in lane. A Mekansm is also a great pickup as you ARE THE SUPPORT. A Force Staff is a quintessential item on a support; it has so many uses that there is no reason for you not to get.

In the late game, you have many choices, and you should be able to determine them based on the circumstances. For CC, if you are farming a decent amount, get a Scythe of Vyse. If you are not as rich, but still need a CC item, a Eul's will suffice. If you are having trouble getting CC'd down, get a Linkins Sphere. And finally, if you are piling on assists, and want to get a little more beefy, get a Bloodstone. I would personally recommend getting a Eul's/Bloodstone combination, but of course, this is all personal preference.

Luxary items for a support are pretty much the same for all intelligence heroes. Boots of Travel is just a huge pickup. Get a Heart/Shivas if you need that survivability and chase power. And, of course if you are just disgustingly destroying the game, pick up a Dagon to be that much more annoying.


I choose to skill my skills for middle lane and side lane very similarly. I choose not to level up stun past level 1 because the stun duration does not scale with levels. Getting higher levels of your Dragon Slave will make a huge difference in harrass damage. I saw a lot of other guides that don't put a single point into Fiery Soul, and that disgusts me quite a bit. That extra attack speed between spells/after spells is HUGE early game. Most of my early game kills results from those extra few auto attacks. Getting ulti at 6/11/16 is very standard and requires no explanation.

Just a note, in some public games, there will be those agi carries just sitting in their lane farming with half health. If you EVER see this, just run up and ult them. Early game, your ultimate just does TOO much damage so take advantage of this.


If you are going mid, last hitting might be difficult against heroes with faster attack animations such as Sniper, or against melee heroes. If this is the case, try and farm with your Q as best as you can, and punish the hero with auto attacks if they overextend too much.

If you are a support, you do not need to worry about last hitting, just focus on harrassing the enemy lane and let your carry farm comfortably.

The Eul's Combo

First off, I cannot take credibility for this. I saw this combo being used by the legendary Jiggle Billy(also known as the big JB and Wodota potential). On Lina, if you decide to get Eul's as your first big item, try and understand as best as possible what I am about to explain.

If you see a hero by themselves(this combo will be harder to pull off if there is more than 1 enemy hero there), use your Eul's on the enemy. Then, wait until they are about to come down. Time your stun on them so as soon as they get out of Eul's, your stun should follow RIGHT after. Following your stun should be your Q and then your Ulti(if needed). This combo might take some time to master, but once you do, the enemy agi carry should have as many deaths as your kills.

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